A better use of the Relics


Hello fellow pilots and pilotess.
I would like your help in trying to change things around here.
The hate and rants runs wild on this forum, and this is not good for neither us or the development team of our beloved game.
The gap between us and the devs is growing bigger and bigger, and this doesn’t help the comunity, nor the game.
Let’s try and change this things.
The recent introduction of the Relics, has launched a new campaign of bash the devs and the game, and has fired up alot of negative reactions and rants, that frankly have nothing to do with what this comunity should be about.
I would like to propose an alternative use of these relics,one that will benefit the game, and the players.
This is an ideea of it:
Use relics to close the gap of epic hp modules and protector :

  1. 1 maxed epic plate + 1 another random legendary + 1 or 2 relics = 1 legendary hp plate.
  2. 1 maxed epic protector + 1 another random legendary +1 or 2 relics = 1 legendary protector.
  3. 1 maxed epic shotgun + 1 random legendary + 1 or 2 relics = legendary shotgun
  4. 1 maxed epic flamer + 1 randon legendary + 1 or 2 relics = legendary flamer.
  5. 1 maxed epic rocket + 1 random legendary + 1 or 2 relics = legendary rocket
  6. And it can further gain some other uses :
  7. A random legendary + 1 relic = 1 new random legendary.
  8. A random myth + 2 relics = 5 new random legendaries
  9. A random epic + 1 relic = 2 random epics(with a chance of legendary).

This can add a new dimension to the game, and can actualy make the relics usefull.
They can still be used also as in the initial ideea, transformation materials.
The numbers are for example, they can get bigger or lower.
@Sarah247, @Mohadib.
I am asking for your feedback on this ideea, specialy Mohadib, since he is the brain and main dev that has the magic wand to change things.
Reassons to make this change of use:

  1. If the Relics are maintained as initialy intended, they become pretty useless, since there are cheaper ways of obtaining transformation materials.

  2. They will dilute the chances of obtaining good legendaries thruout purchases and drops.

  3. This will further strech the gap that is now between the comunity and the devs.

  4. There is a high posibility that a number of players will let go of the game.

  5. This new dimension that is beeing proposed, fullfils the needs of both lower tier, and higher tier players.

  6. It can solve the gap between epic plates/protector and legendary ones. Thus resolving the lack of competitive play in the ladder.

  7. It will allow the players to disolve unwanted myths and help them build new mechs.

  8. This new Relic will find value, and you would create a new resorce that creates a new dimension of this game.

  9. The possibility of actualy getting, thru very hard work and at a decent price, items, could reboot the game in the right direction. In the past the fact that you could obtain myths at a ressonable price, was what made players spend. Now if a players spends 100$ and gets unwanted items,will discourage him from further purchases.

  10. I think that introducing this relic as the above mentioned format, will increase the low and mid tier spender. The big purchases will still be around, knowing that their money is actualy getting them something, but at the same time the low and mid purchaser will be also pleased that his money could get him something. Thing about a mid constant cash flow, that comes evry month, instead of big gallops of it.

  11. It would show that the comunity is part of the game, and not some folks that are standing behind the wall, with pitchforks and torches, ranting at evrything that comes out. Because at some point, they will get bored of doing so and leave.

  12. It doesnt mean that the items will be obtained fast, or easy, like i said the numbers are just for example, and they can be adjusted so that they end up as beeing resonably.

This can become an ideea of the comunity, and i think that if we want it to be heard, we need to stand united, and not in hateing and ranting, but in the sense of dialoque and comunication.
Let asside all the ill passions, and hate, let’s stop burning energy over negativity, let’s be constructive and positive.
@Mohadib, i really want your opinion on this. Because comunication is the key here.
Also remember that this is a game, it is ment to be fun.And it is up to us, as a team, devs and comunity to make it that way.
I will make a pool about it to see us, the comunity likes it.

    1. Yes, I like this ideea, of better use of the Relics. Let’s get it heard.
    1. No, I think that it should remain as initialy launched.

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@Wepwawet , @grosboss, @Fluxeon , @Mordulec , @KilliN , @HappyPoppers
Credit to @TechnoDive

New Tranformation Idea

Good idea, I like it. :slight_smile:


You actually said everything!

And this is so true, and TS felt it when we fall down from 500 to 200 players in lobby after Reloaded release!


I like it, but the price should remain as it is. That’s 5 myth plates for, what the majority of us, would be half or even a quarter of the price.


How do i get the relics? i have 250 tokens xD


I thought 2500 tokens can bought 5 mythical!


I need Swords… 0,00001% chance to get sword :frowning:


@Mohadib, @Sarah247, @jonny

this poll was made to see if the comunity of our beloved game likes an ideea.
as shown they liked it, and suported it.
I think that a feedback from you guys on it would be more then welcomed, be it an agrement or a denial of it, or something in between
It could show us that you listen to us, and that our voices aren’t falling on deaf ears.
Thank you,


Your dreams (devs will never do that, seems you still didn’t get that tacticsoft do this all on purpose) …

and the reality …


wake up after years :exclamation:



you could vote tho, to show the suport of the ideea.


good idea to vote :exclamation:


Good vote, didn’t expect it be otherwise.


I was right about … Relics are still here :exclamation: