A New SuperMechs Discord!


So, I’ve been playing Supermechs for many years now, and I’ve been thinking of more interactive Supermechs chat room instead of the regular one you find in the game. I have decided to take inspiration from Kongregate and make a discord of my own! This will include more detailed chat rooms rather than the normal six that you find in game such as rank specific rooms as well as more diverse languages. This discord also includes a built in Supermechs wiki! Of course it wont be fully completed but we will have it being updated constantly. We have a moderation system built in so that chat is a lot cleaner than it usually is in-game. I have put lot of time into this discord and hope to see lots of people there!

Discord Invite Link

And don’t forget to leave feedback! I accept suggestions of things that could be added, the discord server was made to be an interactive experience!


Sharing invite link is the first step! :sweat_smile:


This is still a work in progress but we have now added supermechs specific emojis!


We have hit 40 members!