...a sticky situation

It’s been a while since I’ve last visited my account where all my “Magical Super Mechs Adventures” began. (Yes really, I just said that. Got any issues with that? :slight_smile: )

So, this is all I have at the moment:

The Santa Hat gives me a bonus of the “Christmas Spirit Power”, which really doesn’t sound something real. But trust me, it’s real.

Anyways, this next here are the item boxes that I’ve hoarded so far in the last day:

I can’t wait to open that box that gives me 3 guaranteed epic items in the form of the ALMIGHTY ENERGY CAPSULE ! ! !

Excitement aside, this is where things get a bit tricky.

Too bad I’ve hoarded way too many stuff before this glorious update comes to day, so the “Christmas Spirit Power” could be useless, theoretically however. (No, “Christmas Spirit Power” will never let me down!)

But if you are wondering “What the hell is in your inventory to have yourself in this stupid problem?”

No worries, Corgilicious Master Bluz has your back covered.

My forever useless inventory filled me up with the “Magical Solution Power Kit Converter”, along with the power of “Christmas Spirit Power”. So I’m good. Yes, the quotation marks and italicization is important whenever I type "Christmas Spirt Power"

And finally, Corgilicious Master Bluz is very very very broke. So these power kits are of no use. :slight_smile:

But seriously though, how do you think I can get myself out of this situation?


Yep! I’m in the same situation as well although I didn’t use that legacy converter “solution” they added. There is no way to progress now so in the end you are left with a locked account and a would be otherwise fun to play game.

Out of all of the game’s faults, this is the one that breaks it!


Yeah, using the legacy converter would probably make things worse. But what good can I do with my items if I haven’t converted them? I barely get income from campaign and takes hella lot of time. And I can’t win a single battle.


Hello!! just with the intention of helping a little …

You have a mech! And that mech needs a lot of upgrade, because it’s good and it’s worth taking it to the fullest. You have those kits and what you need is coins for fuse.

If I were in your place, would campaign, a lot of BB in normal mode that gives enough coins. And of course, for now I could not play battles.

Dont send me to where the plane fell, but that’s what I would do. Also, you’re not that far from the inventory limit. Bye!


Give me your power kits. There… your solution. :slight_smile:


The items limit can be a totally game-blocker …
(100% dead point of the game)

  • if you are out of (usefull) items (Rare/Legendariers) , in which you could boost

@Se77en / @Shabbadoo52 / @Joeyjojojunior (don’t know which one is now his main account here in the forum) was exactly in this sitution :exclamation:

I was very close to this dead point, but managed right short before to go through, BUT was really a lot of work …

  • get Gold to be able to boost

  • boost into something useless

  • repeat this 2 steps until you are under the limit

  • open 1 (:grey_exclamation: ) box … hiting the item limit again

^^ repeat this around 200 (:exclamation:) times

After that you are maybe able to boost into something useful :grey_exclamation:

Only solution for one who is at this dead point …

  • buy tokens to raise your items limit, which would be imense expensive
    (5 inventory slots cost 145 tokens after you bought some, because prize raise also every time)

OR …

  • ask tacticsoft for help

@Joeyjojojunior did they help you :question:



Remember when people were getting all of their items fused after giving out of their account details? Well I would say that this is worse, the ironic thing is that instead of having 1 fully fused newbie torso we now have the polar opposite problem.

All they need to do is remove those [DATA EXPUNGED] fusion costs and this wouldn’t be an issue. And yes I am still going to rag on this aspect of the game until they sort it out.

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ehem wepwapet i agree with this… but i dont think he can beat BB with that mech, the weapons wouldnt be enought if he can magically survive BB mighty cannon using all that boost on torso & legs x HP increase


well as i see those r ur best options, but u can also do this:
evolve ur legs get silver boxes keep evolving things that can be mythical
then bit by bit u would free space
also i heard u could ask to support to delete some of ur power kits if u r hurry to get new items
just be patient

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my technique of removing things to have inventory is to collect a lot of money in preference about 200,000 and then with everything to improve things like two legendary things

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They did not help me at all. I had to find my own way out of it …

Thank you to everyone who replied in this topic. Really appreciated. :slight_smile:

Except for @Fluxeon. You’re no help at all! :smiley: