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they are called sponsors… in your own words:

this language barrier… well good thing I helped sort this out.
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Hello All. I’m not exactly a sharing person at any time; aannd given the tendency of online posts to attract subjective criticism and unwarranted abuse I tend to avoid posting such.
But I am going to take Toxic’s example and break my rules.
For those unaware I have been way-layed of late due to inequities of life warranting a visit to the hospital for surgery removal of noted anomalies. It has been a stressful time and I’ve to admit having let my kids play my account.
Something that has been really interesting to note is the support I (through my kids) have received from within HTK.
As many of you would know, I’ve put forward some pretty harsh commentary of HTK, it’s players and especially BPOW.
While I was subdued, my kids were curious as to comments within clan and passed on the support from within HTK … and the continued abuse from without.
I know SM is competitive, that it is frustrating, it is difficult and seemingly unfair. And the other players are in reality unknown entities. But I have to say it really has been a humbling experience of late. And for a well needed distraction I give thanks to HTK and to HappyPoppers and BPOW for taking in a loser energy player.
Be well.

PS credit to the post of the goat with side-arms


Hi Rising!
Honestly, man, I do hope you recovered and feel OK right now. But I did not understand the big picture of your message, although I am pretty good at using English (it is my daily bread)… So can you just put it simple and straight?

Needs more than one line because of minimum character requirement

HTK is a good clan


Simple enough?

(More fill required for min char requirement)

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not ,c’est pas bon clan htk

Thanks! Understood! (more characters…)

Thats not what i got out of it. I thought the point of your post was to say that a grown-up supposedly mature adult that has kids, is playing a flash game online.

It was meant to be read in context with the subject title of this topic
A difficult supposition I guess…

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Having played in both LLYL and HTK; je suis dans une meilleure position pour commenter

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yes, I was disappointed when you left but hey was your choice

I hope my comment is taken in the kindest way without any encouragement to generate any controversy. or come out the trolls of your clan that think they own the forum with invitations to real-life fights :joy::joy::joy:

To say that HTK is not a good clan, is to speak without a logical criterion that can be taken seriously.
remember that for many years the 3 main clans of this game are the same as today leading team competition.

sometimes for months HTK leads, reing always in the fight and littlelost, then months later change order then littlelost leads, reing as always a very fighter clan and HTK, that is so historically.

the other clans only approach, even you created a parallel clan thinking that they could compete and it was not like that, remember 907, jezu, and others that have had their clans very close but never with enough power to take out any of the clans top, (shiro did it and we already know the story).

I belong to HTK since always. I have never been in another clan, only in "insanity clan"when it was created the clans were of 5 members and it was conformed by LX2BOSS, RED MECHS, FARMS, CILIUS, and me (MechKnight). however, I consider and respect the other clans I recognize the level and that of their players.

It seems as children to say that a clan that has remained in the top for more than 2 years is not a good clan. littlelost was a quiet clan with the exception of aegis and ogonna, now in his clan there are trolls that are responsible for poisoning others and are becoming an offensive clan, check among their ranks who always complains, who always thinks that there is a conspiracy to kill her (as if she were the center of the universe) (a rookie with tokens, only that) but it represents a load of negativity very unsettling. at HTK we were calm and relaxed when he left because he disturbed us as a clan, he was too many levels of complaints, he had us to extremes altered was a nuisance for his negative attitude. Thank God it was gone and peace and calm returned to the clan.

there are players who can invest a lot, but who can not be in any clan because they are toxic people full of frustrations in their real life, and make the game a branch of their life therefore want or intend to control everything to be a protagonist, and they look for allies, influential people or of better rank to be seconded in their paranoia.

It will not be long before they realize what I’m saying.

there are people who should isolate and throw the key very far away.

because they attack @Rising ?

He was in his clan, and left him because of his personal reasons. you made fun of him at the end of the last version. because he was not having a good time in the game, however we supported him, many times he manifested the desire to stop playing because he could not find the right set to compare the models of that moment.

I repeatedly told him: “Do not worry, we all have bad moments and bad weeks, go ahead I’m sure you’ll find the perfect set”.

that is the difference between the littelost clan and us. you only keep your players while they are winning, when they are not, they are discarded. (lx2 gt, roccotano, and others,)

that player they made fun of, today is their executioner!


Get well Rising. I often send pms to your son to pass to you. I hope that he has done as such. I have also emailed though not quite as frequently as I maybe should. I hope this message finds you in better health.


Woop Rising Joined the Forums!
And Btw Do you do tactics?
Cause i would love to learn a lot from them