A word where it's due

Hi Pilots.

I have to say I didn’t plan on posting today. It is common practice in other games, after a big change, to give advanced players time to adjust and cope with the changes by themselves, at first. Usually, it takes a full day or two until developers post an official comment. This is normally after the players start to warm-up to the changes better and the understandable “everything is doomed!” message starts to change to clear specific feedback.

However, I’m making this post for two reasons.

First, I want you to know Sarah and I are reading what your concerns are and listening to your feedback. Actually, many of the Tacticsoft team are silently checking the different places where our players are discussing the new update. This means the forum, youtube, facebook, the different chat rooms in the game and a few other places.

Second, for the players who played in the beta or/and read what were wrote in advance should be familiar with the changes. We were pretty honest about what the update included and many of the people here actually experienced it in the beta. You gave us feedback and in many cases we changed things based on this feedback. I completely believe the core changes are good - essential, even - for Super Mech. I think that after you’ll start to explore the game a little more, you’ll realize it as well.

Change is always hard, especially in a game you previously mastered and had all figured out. It will take time to adjust. But this is also an opportunity. You may not notice it now but you are in a serious advantage point. The top of the mountain indeed got higher but you’re still higher than most players still making their way up. This is where you have a choice. You can stand in the same place you’re now, fight with whoever comes up, win some but see other move up past you and decide the top is too high and complicated.

Or you can step up. You can explore the new system and you can learn. You were at the top before and you know how to get there better than the new players who are just starting out. Hell, you can even mentor some of them. Make a clan. Make a YouTube channel and teach. And now you also have a new peak to conquer. It’ll take time but you guys are currently in a great advantage point to do it. It’s up to you if you want to use it or lose it.


I still think fusion costs shouldn’t be a thing, and that the real costs come from the item transformations.

The current fusion cost is definitely way too expensive. Also this means if you find an item which you think would fit better in your mech than your current ones, you’ll have to fuse this new item, which will even cost more.

I think having fusion drain, as in your maxed fusion items giving a lower power value to the new item, plus the fact that transformation costs are still a thing (or even higher), is already enough to make fusion balanced. Many veteran players have 5000-10000 items, and those that are extremely low on gold coins will have a lot of trouble fusing them away.


I already talked about this with @Fluxeon in the game chat, but I’ll give a brief about it here as well.

The Boost costs were balanced for over a month on real players and are balanced mostly against the rewards given in the campaign and PvP battles. The update was just launched and most of you are still unfamiliar with all the changes to the gold economy. Both rewards and cost have changed.

As to prices - they’re not very high at all. our system is based on a single cost to max level and this is how we price each boost. It doesn’t matter how many times and how many items it will take you to reach max level - it will eventually cost you the same. For example - boosting a Common item to max level currently cost 720 gold.

Still, all this said, the team and I are looking closely on the stats and how the game will perform the coming days and where we’ll feel changes to the balance will be needed - they will be done. Our long testing brought us to the range that we feel work well, but we are always monitoring the economy, and will tweak whatever needed.

I suggest you’ll take time to play and get to know the new system. The new numbers. Give a few days and then let us know if you think the costs are still too high. We’ll be right here.

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This is for common items. It costs tooo much for epic(53,900 SM Gold), Legendary(159,180 SM Gold), Mythical(526,820),to be feasible with play time.(Most likely have to find an exploit or get on good side of admins) It can cost millions of gold for a full set of non-legacy mythical items. In the Legacy Supermechs, I was used to having 20-30 Full fused maxed level mythicals that I can switch to any time. Here I’m struggling to fuse away all the stuff I stored cause it cost sooo much to fuse up to legendary and don’t even want to think about how much work it will take to get back to my prime again. Like 5 years of play time gone in one update.

You also need to have 5 legendary to transform a mythical.
So cost to transform a mythical (53900x5)+526,820(Bost costs)+100,000 (transform) to get one Epic>Mythical and max level. so itll cost you ~900,000 SM creds for 1 mythical Item at it’s prime.

And there needs to be a nod off people who have max fusion on Legacy items. 1:1 conversion of this power or even a reduced rate is acceptable. That way people who played the game for a long long time do not lose all their progress.

Currently boosting is based on tier of items so if a Legacy Item has 15 level’s of fusion on it, it has the same boosting power as a level 1 fusion legacy item. Essentially boosting does not take into account the fusion level it had.


Just to be clear, expressing disagreement is fine, using bad and hostile language is not.

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I think you need significantly more bad and hostile language in your life. You could have edited out two words instead of the whole post. But i’ll repost the gist since the SM team would never dream of silencing any dissent at all costs.

This patch has been the single worst betrayal of any playerbase that I have ever seen.

It’s one thing to complain, but that is worthless without alternatives. This is the patch we should have had.

What the new patch should have looked like if taticsoft didnt hate us

What part of forcing people to destroy the (now worthless) mythicals and items they spent so long trying to aquire and upgrade did you think was a good idea.

Ive played for a long time, ive reached the top of the meta and even shifted it in some ways. What I have to show for it is 4 premium boxes and 175k. You lied to us when you said our mythics would be useful.

Roll back the patch, and save your game. A lot of people are leaving.


I agree with @Littlegorge . read my post in beta is live post

I don’t have my tickets for doing the beta yet

How do we get our tickets for doing the beta

I accidently saw this topic and decided to read.

I must note that devs indeed did not lie, and it seems that they answered some key question community had before. The problem is that they forgot to mention certain aspects that no one was ever thinking about.

Boost/transform prices. Of course they were in beta test, but even for those who were buying tokens reaching myphical tier was kinda hard. And that was people who assigned for beta test - they were ready to help SuperMechs to become better. 95% of community are people who want to have fun. Grinding missions and paying money just so you can become slightly stronger… and for what? just so you can reach new items tier, where you shoul do the same only more?

Legacy items. Now I realize that it could be obvious that devs wouldn’t want old players to keep all their power. Of course, new myphicals are stronger than legacy ones. But you can’t upgrade legacy items in any way, and using them to boost will cost you a lot of gold. So all they are goo for is just so you dont need to grind items that you can destroy. Not to mention all fused power in items is now totally worthless for some reason.

Inventory limit. Countilng above two, this one is totally can be considered as cunning trick to make veteran players either pay for gold or start everything all over again. Namely, old players have less than month to get rid of all their junk. Except, the only way to do so is to use legacy items for boosting… and boosting costs gold =) and players can only get limited amount of gold for free even if they grind 24/7 (and who ever would want to grind 24/7 just so they won’t lose their old account?).

Also should note that 100 items limit would feel enough only for players without legacy items they would want to keep, and levels after 30 seem to not give any inventory limit at all. What a coincidence you can buy more slots with tokens!

So, if legacy player pays a fee (buys tokens and gold), grind enough for items he will put his legacy now-trash into, he can indeed go to the top. And if he doesn’t he will end with dead account as a reward for all years he spent on it. This is exactly what called “free to play, pay to win” model, where only players existing are payers (who paying money for domination at everyone else) and goofs (who want to play for free, but for some reason can’t realize they can’t go to the top without paying) - everyone else would just quit.

P.S. not to mention humors about hackers, who are able to get either items for free, or infinite amount of tokens - surpassing even those people who paid.

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Regardless of whether players appreciate the changes - NOWHERE were you upfront about what would happen to our fully fused items, how crappy our current “legacy” items would be in comparison, the division by 10 of our accumulated and purchased SM and the complete disregard for purchases of players, the fact that you would not let us keep our past accumulated items, and allowing players to continue making purchases right up to the deadline KNOWING those purchases would mean nothing under the new system.

And you were upfront perhaps to the changes and core changes, but you did a very poor job communicating those changes to the players at large who were not in the beta, and an even poorer job honouring the legacy players who have spents hundreds and thousands of dollars supporting your project.

Power creep is to be expected in a game that the funding relies mostly on selling power. But you do NOT expect every and all of your purchases to become obsolete overnight.


Honestly, there are so many little (and some not so little) things that could’ve been changed that would have had a major impact on this release. Sure, every update’s going to cause some turmoil and it’s inevitable that someone, somewhere’s going to be unhappy with the changes - but this one really takes the biscuit.

Yeah, some things we’ll have to get use to over time, but others are obviously broken from the get go. The last couple of days I’ve been burning through my stock of “legacy” items and have built one decent mech… yeah, one. It took a few thousand parts for boost, and an unhealthy amount of tokens and gold to get one mech.

In the previous version I could come up with a crapload of decent mech builds with the stock of parts I’d bought, gathered and fused over time. I could switch parts and change my lineup on the fly. That was part of the fun - You’d see who’s online and switch builds to try and adapt.

In this version, it’s going to cost you a prohibitive amount to adapt. Currently I’m at the top of the rankings. Give it a few more days and someone will come up with a better combo and my mech’ll be done. And where does that leave me? Stuck like a two-legged pig in quicksand, that’s where, because there’s no way I can afford to keep up with the next best thing in this meta.


Hallo @Mohadib !

Are we talking about the same game ?

Do you think we TOP players are dumb ?

WE understand the new system very well, no worries about, we play for years online games, Supermechs, and it is NO problem to understand the new “system” in one day !

Down there 3 examples with which I hope it let you know that things with the new update running COMPLETLY wrong - and WE also KNOW that you - or other staff of tacticsoft are also NOT dumb. YOU know that all very well. BUT you have two ways … to agree with the knowledge from the players (who plays now for years this game) OR to try to talk it “away” and to stay behind your “new update”, which is to 75% only made to get AGAIN a lot of money from top players (the other 25% are well done about design, NOT about balance!!!) …

… but as mentioned in an other thread - you (tacticsoft) made that calculation not “correct”, not thinking about that we also have a power, the power to STOP with every single purchase !

What WE, my friends, my sponsor and me will do 100% !

Here the 3 examples :

example 1

  • most won single gold medals ALL over the 4 years and of ALL players
  • most powerfull account on your game
  • 200,000 tokens bought (=3000$)
  • +200 full fused items/mythicals
  • new update, started to play 2 days ago
  • I converted 98,000,000 SM Coins.
  • I used +13,000 tokens = 200 $ !!! (from my left 17,000 tokens)
  • I had 3460 items
  • I used 800 items to boost


1 full fused mech with “random” mythicals

I win very easy 1v1 (around 1200 - 1700 HP left) against “avarage” players (also top players from old version) with some good myths, because it is now totally unbalanced !

I lose to “players” (cheaters), who have the best available mythicals already also full fused with opponent left 1000 - 1200 HP !

Conclusion about example 1:
my absolute TOP account went over night to normal account, with 1 (!) good, BUT NOT top mech, cos EVEN with a lot of converted boxes and using 13,000 tokens I could not find the best items, as around 10 - 12 other accounts did.
HOW they did that ? With buying 100,000 tokens ? WE all believe in miracles ! jaja !

NOW lets please talk about the same game !

WHAT I have to do with my rest of 2660 items ???

WHAT to do with my +200 full fused items, which fusion is now close to nothing worth anymore OVER night ?

I am out of Gold Coins, I am soon out of tokens !

example 2
Supergirl (account from Noel, known as Old Exit)

  • won a lot of single gold medals
  • Top 10 account on your game
  • 100,000 tokens bought (=1500$)
  • +75 full fused items/mythicals
  • new update, started to play 1 day ago
  • converted a lot of SM Coins
  • has thousends of items
  • used 250 items to boost

Out of Gold coins now.

This account was NOT able to stay at top 250 !!!
It is garbage now !

Conclusion about example 2:
tactisoft made an update which converts a TOP 10 account into an account not able to stay in top 250

NOW lets please talk about the same game !

example 3
the 10 - 12 other accounts who had OVER night (within 1 day after the update) ALL BEST myticals most full fused, some 1 “perfect” mech, some even 3 !

HOW they did ?

Can you please explain to me ?
I want also that good mechs !
What I did wrong ?

I spent 13,000 tokens, that didnt help me to even come close to this top accounts now !

I converted 2/3 of my 98,000,000 SM coins into boxes and 1/3 into Gold coins, which I am sure was the best (cos I was/am able to buy Gold with tokens).

Result 8 full fused “random” mythicals !
The 1 mech I mentioned with his “power” !

Conclusion about example 3:
WE top players are all dump, OR the “cheaters” who cheated in old version STILL cheating in NEW version !

OH wait or they spent 100,000 tokens over night, of course they did, no other posibility (attention : sarcasm) !

NOW lets please talk about the same game !



Good day,
You say you have done a lot of tests, a lot of studies, a lot of tests.
For me are just words far removed from reality. And I will explain why.

This is not a free game, so many players have spent money, therefore have the right to demand, read the rules under which they bought at the time. So all the money invested is lost you can not transform the investment of people in nothing or almost nothing due to an “update” should be proportionately respected the money invested. Since all the money invested in weapons and upgrade is no use for this version, when in this version and we all spend, then you take out the new version that will make all the gstado now lost again. That could be understood as a dubious offer, since they make lose everything invested, simply disappear the money of the hidden users behind an update.

One thing is to increase the levels “goals, mountains, or as you want to call it to make it look nice”, and another thing is to make everyone return to level “0”, if they wanted to add new weapons, new levels, new campaigns, do it but Respecting the position that each one has and has paid to have. And from that point continue on the path to your wrong named top.

If you had everything very well studied I ask the following questions.

1.- where is the technology tree (where they explain the new distribution of weapons, and their possible evolutions, cost of ls same.)

example of seriously games.

2.- where is a guide of weapons by type physical, electric, heat, know how many weapons now exist and what are their functions, skills, bullfighting, and everything else?

Today we are only guessing what each thing is for, we only know that it can be improved or not even mythical, but we do not know its final transformation to know that we can do, that we can improve, since it is a fortune to do it, we can not waste resources.

They just studied and planned how to make more money for you, without thinking about us


I’ve asked for this a number of times during and after the Beta. On a related note - why is it that certain weapon stats are still not showing up on the respective item descriptions? Things like regeneration damage and max energy/heat drain?


Anto, this is very simple and only fools don´t realize. This game has become one of the biggest internet scams.

Not only for what we lost, even items we had acquired a few days ago, but because if you want to continue playing you need millions of coins every week, which are humanly impossible to get in the campaign.

It´s designed to spend at least 2,000 tokens a week. That’s why you don´t have an item guide. So that you go blind and you always have to be reforming things.

With me they do not count. Not a single $ more for tacticsoft!


Of course! Still you conned us, we will also give free advertising on Youtube …!

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That was all hard to stomach.

If it is not as clear to you as it is to me that this was poorly thought out and al about money and not the gaming community then you are truly blind.

This was so greedy it should be illegal.

I can make this real simple for the S.M. Team to show us otherwise.

It is really easy. Give everyone who has donated for tokens all there tokens again.

That really is the only right thing to do.

You got rid of the game we donated too and made all of our rewards worthless.

So really you should refund us. Now I know that will never happen especially after your latest actions but I would have a renewed faith if you gave me all the tokens I purchased again so I could use them toward this new game you are calling Super Much’s.

I can not speak for everyone but to me anything less is simply has no integrity and I do not want anything to do with people of low integrity .



That is fair…not refund but tokens we pay for.

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before i have 3 maxed out mechs…all paid…check records

and now not one mech worth playing. I would need like 25 million gold to save and the fushion but i not pay another penny.

I think fair option would be to give all payers the tokens back with new system. That way we could rebuy and save what little we have :frowning:

I feel like you rob us a week ago and now you have time clock on us to remove weapons in 20 days or we rob you again.

I hope gigi get all you :slight_smile: