A word where it's due

You are absolutely right but what im more angry is that our invested time got lost

Im rich i spent a little but whats the most stupid ##### annoying thing is so much hours i invested to be at top in my gametime is now trash i not spent some hrs i spent a hell fking hrs on this game to understand gameplay ;every weapon ;every trick to become good

THOSE HRS WERE SO MUCH TIME i missed some important hangout with frnds; some imp tests and maybe other imp things too

YOU JUST STOLE AWAY THE TIME OF OUR LIFE WE INVESTED IN THIS GAME u think LIKE WE have some 200 yrs to live and can start again and again till we have almost no life but no i tell u we are not so humble that u tell us its nothing and u will enjoy new update more … sorry i just cant …

If u look it from an angle of a gamer it is just so cruel just like taking away doll from a 4 yr girl who has nothing to play.

I say ask yourself —u spent hrs and hrs and fkin hrs on learning everything ;sacrificing lot of stuff
.then out of nowhere a storm comes and steal away all ur things without any reason so that u can become a beginner again

Its not like i cant spent money to keep up with new update or spend hrs again but why should i ???

U tricked us once and not even replies probably u will trick us even bigger next time and watzzz the point

U guys are even charging tokens for simple things like to colour mechs
U kept selling old items till last moment even knewing they will be trash .
U guys added energy on missions so that ppl who not have much time and play once ultimately have to spend
U kept telling us things in beta which were not even half truths
U made fusing cost high so that old players get struck with inventory and cant even fuse.

All things add up that u ultimately need to spend tokens

Its like a trap!
Ppl this is wat they call as 1 of ##### scam where ppl just need money .
If u are wise will your conscious even ALLOW YOU TO PLAY THIS GAME AFTER SUCH A BETRAYAL ???:pensive:

I had around 87mn coins i converted them all opened all boxes fused some things now have tons of tons of things which i cant even get rid of .i know it all adds up to be a trap to fetch your pockets .but i not so dumb lol
I tried to raise matter of compensation after beta was about to finish but nobody answered.
I knew there was some reason why they werre silent on matter of compensation .

Lol and what they told u in beta " your new weapons are strong but old weapins will still be very strong and old players will have a big head start"

Lol such lies they told us in beta now i say ask urself fight a simple mech doing 500 damage in 1 turn .lol but dont worry its a new kind of balance.
I not investing anything anymore im done lol
Me and my 13 top frnds alrdy quitted till now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol its embarassing i cant even tell me real frnds in life that a game cheated me this bad lol.
Im done i will try forget this game as bad dream but yez it taught me an imp moral lesson in real life.


Gigi is the new investor in tactisoft :slight_smile:

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Every single word of his post is the TRUTH !

Not that what tacticsoft told us !

S H A M E !


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Nonsense HappyPoppers…

All never happened.