Amount of boxes


How much silver boxes do you buy every day? What price is the limit for you?


I buy around 7-10 of them

Mostly until I reach 10k price


Depends on how much gold I have.

I will either stop when the price says 13400, 18400, 23400, or 28400.


in previous praxis my ‘I-dont-care’ limit was 31’400 bucks.

(btw, “amount of boxes” leads you to think on received numbers of boxes, not their prices…)


English is my second)


No problem / my second too.
out of topic:
where you’re living?


Russia, 20 characters



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[/quote] 2020202020


20k was my highest price…i gave 20k for 2 commons :frowning:


One time I stop at 50k :wink:


stops at around 16-19k. :wink:


I usually stop at 10400. I cant take paying over 10k for charcoal boxes. Maybe that is why i have 4 mil now. Maybe they should make it the more you pay the better you get? Makes sense really. I cant pay 10k for the same thing i pay 3k for.

Ill just wait for tomorrow, and pay what i usually do for the same boxes. If i could pay 250k for a legendary box i would, but this is falling on deaf ears.


mostly around 16k to 22k


@Kaen stopped at …


open da box and see 2 commons :slight_smile:


Usually I stop around 16k-18k.
Occasionally at 20k.


He is still a god for that lmao rip 4.2 mil tho