Apple says apps must now disclose odds for loot boxes


so what does this mean for us? XD

SHOW the drop rate of each box at shop
Why don't you show the exact chances of items for the Premium boxes?

Does it mean that they will tell us the probability of each type of article Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic?


Ayy Lmao.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Get on it meng.


Yea definitely appears that this is now “required.” Wonder how long they have to comply. Watch them just take the game off iOS altogether lol.


Very good!!

This is like when the merchants abuse their clients and the State decides to intervene.

Hopefully, compliance with this rule will be controlled. Because the guidelines are useless, if are not controlled to be fulfilled.


This news comes after a year full of controversy over loot boxes, which many players see as manipulative, predatory methods to get them to spend more money on games.

Any words to that @Sarah247 and @Mohadib :question:

Somethníng I mentioned often and never get any clear answer about …

… seems now it is time for it :grey_exclamation:


But yes … will be a hard step to show the 1% chance (or even less) :exclamation:


I borrowed my brother’s iphone (since i only use android) and reported SM app in app store. Wrote about the loot box stats not showing as the details.


I thank you for this great service.


Are you saying they gave you the statistics? Could you tell us what they are?


Nop. But SM is now flagged and they said they will look into it. The more reports/flags, the better


Ah well then to the old… will have to be viral in the chat SM and send there all there if not ay flag XD


I hope this new ios rule not only affects the drop rates, but other things, like, the invisible unopened boxlimit.


I think there’s no “limit”… it just craps out on all received (non-gift, non-purchased) boxes now.

I have no boxes stored, but if I go over the item limit, the campaign box will disappear.


That only happens to me after 800 boxes


Is there a way to store chests instead of opening them? :frowning:


Justicia Q.Q!!!


how much you wanna bet they just let themselves be removed from apple so they can keep screwing over people as much as possible.


Any update on this? I was wondering if the terms have taken effect by now, if that is not true, or if tacticsoft has done anything with the game on iOS (android/pc here.)


They should show the fall rate .-. I see people with 6 legend -mitic I only have 2 … I am rank 3 and this limits me a lot, they must be honest with the players, there is really a rate … or the system gives the one that seems best