Archimonde torso needs a BUFF


this torso for being so weird should be a little better, add your life max to 1100, and 10 more to your regeneration of both heat and energy, aesthetically it looks good, but … leaves much to be desired, I have 1 a mythical and when I see his statistics, I’m sorry to take him to mythical, I would like to improve him, it’s weird but not so useful
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Yes, it’s the only Legendary-Mythical torso, but also the worst and most useless one.


Agree, it’s totally useless.


I wish it did, my first legendary in 1 month was unfortunately this one


1150HP, 230/72 energy, 230/72 heat, weighing in at around 352-356 (dunno if 346 or 348 would work).

But being the only leg/myth torso, it Should be slightly OP. Hard to really give this solid stats with zark being around.


I got a box with 3 legendaries, 1 was this, 2 were freaking “bonus” powerkits, basically a non-item.


Hmm… The Achimonde’s old stats are (329),1051 HP, 193/64 Energy, 193/64 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El…

So maybe the new stats are :
1171 hp
236 energy cap
+74 regen
236 heat cap
+74 cooling
16 Physical resistance
22 Explosive resistance
22 electrical Resistance
349 (or 351 and 355) weight

Edit : Thanks @Andernut for the Archimonde’s stats!


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