Battle Dawn Forum Draft


I have heard that this happened in the past, I must have been on my CE break.

Anyways I will be organizing a Forum driven draft for next E1.

Here are the rules:

  1. If you want to be included in this draft please reply to this thread with your normal IGN and skype.
  2. The draft will take place closer to the start of the Era, so plenty of time to get your name in here.
  3. Please encourage all your friends to register for the forums and place their names here.
  4. The captains will be chosen based on experience and the draft will be between the captains only.
  5. EVERYONE is encouraged to participate.

My Hopes:

  1. E1 is run by the best Admin @Alexander :wink: so hopefully the draft can coincide with a cool ingame event such as crystals on mines and wells, garrisons, etc.
  2. No Subs, only pure skill and diplomacy.
  3. While I realize that there will be those that don’t abide by the forum draft and bring their own team, I hope that the reward is much more sizable for a team that is drafted.
  4. A special medal for the eras top ten.

Any input would be great, I think this would be a ton of fun.

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You know I’m down.

Rob’s the name. In-game, out-game, everywhere.

Next E1 is when though?

PS: Skype is rob.attieh


Probably a month or so, maybe two months, competitive era.


Damn, I’m disappointed I’ll be travelling internationally for a month in May-June to do grad-school research.

I’ll make sure to try to forward this to my friends, it sounds like a fun time.


If Rob is doing it I’ll do it :smiley:

I’m Carter
skype: live:doodleking1 or smth


It’s a 1 ticker and it’s around tick 330 right now. So likely a month if the era ends around tick 1000.


Wait I think it’ll be mid-march or so… no?


Mid-March on a 1-ticker puts the end of the era into early May… yea sorry Rob but I can’t commit to that personally :frowning:


Thats a long estimate, you could always play until you cant anymore and then get replaced.


I think this will be great, a schoolyard showdown has been hosted before and it was a big success.

I don’t agree with that part though, why discourage even more competition from joining? You could just have a sort of cordon sanitaire where you agree with the other drafted teams to go for them first lol, that happened on an era on Kong where we did this draft idea.

Special medals would also be a bit of an exaggeration imo, but that’s just because I think it should be reserved for champions era.

Honestly though this should really be great. Gives everyone balanced teams so everyone can have fun wars, and everyone will get to meet and play with new people rather than playing with the same team over and over again.

A small suggestion: On Kong when we hosted this we drafted not just a team of 10 but also allowed every team to have a backup pick, since sometimes people have to drop out before the era starts and you want to have a complete team right at the start of the era.

Man, I’d love to see this.


Skype: AeonXX2


My man Rob told me to drop my name here

keensta.andi (Andi Mark Keen)

Edit my ign name is normally keensta


welcome to the party number 16


Ya, how to share my post :frowning:


IGN: Metal Dawn
Skype: talktotylerb
not sure if I have the time to play competitively, but I’ll surely like to see what happens!


I’m the same as Tyler - can’t commit 100% - I’m a 3 ticker player but this sounds cool af and I’d like to be involved in some way.

IGN: usually Alfie or Sournois
Skype: alfie.hr6


IGN: Ownage Jr
Skype: carlitos.calderon1


Id spread the word about the draft , but cant commit to any eras till fall.


Awwwweeee yea I’m in :stuck_out_tongue: