Battlemechs game


does anyone still playing battlemechs?



I do (Just pour all your stats into defense).


i love that game…:grinning:


Guys please…Let’s keep it about SM.
This isn’t a Battlemechs forum…


there is no forum for it, altough it is also ts…


I still play Battlemechs. Currently on the insane run.


i wish the campaigns would be longer…


Same here…

20 characters limit


Battlemech is like SMs great grandfather lol


I agree with L4K3 this is not a battlemechs forum



forgot to mention to all those civvies out there, HUA means: “Heard, understood, and acknowledged”…


Why not a post about battle mech if y’all can post new topic for every single upgrade you do lol


This is a Tacticsoft forum. Not an SM forum. Why are people not allowed to post about Battlemechs, which is not only a Tacticsoft game, but a better game than SM. I dont see why you can post random trash all over the forum but when someone says one small thing about Battle Mechs, 20 people rush over and try to shut them up? There are things that are way further off topic that exist on this forum that nobofy cares about. Why worry about someone talking about a TS game on a forum made to talk about TS games?


If you dont want to see a post about a Tacticsoft game, why are you on a Tacticsoft forum?


i did not know that it was a tacticsoft game

I am sorry it is my fault


It was in the ‘‘General Discussion’’ thread of Super Mechs.
That’s why I said this isn’t a Battlemechs forum…
Now that it’s moved to ‘‘Offtopic’’ it’s okay.


i agree
20 characters


I disagree.
11 characters


Either way, its kind of an alpha stage of Super Mechs. Super Mechs came from it. I see no issue in having it in the categorie of the game that it evolved into.