Best Farming Spot w/ arguments why


this is the best farming mission in my opinion


  • 8,100 coins per run
  • 1,170 EXP per run
  • 9/10 runs drop a box containing at least 1 rare
  • only 7 energy
  • easy layout
  • easy enemies


  • not suitable for all mechs
  • doesnt drop fortune boxes
  • its in the last zone
  • normal and hard modes need to be beaten in order to play mission 6 insane


Enemy Stats - Tank :

Enemy Stats - Buggy :

Enemy Stats - Robot / Boss?



Good find. I’ll use it.



Me & my friends are using this to farm , you do 10 missions and you got yourself 85K with 11,7K exp



Any modes have the same pros and cons , the reward is just lowered.


Rewards for Insane :


Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Here to help the ranked playes to grind! :smiley:


I was grinding normal bb, time to change farm place :slight_smile:


normal bb is a scam compared to insane mission 6.

on bb you spend 10 energy for 10k

on mission 6 you spend 7 energy for 8k


But the xp from bb is the best


I run this on insane. Works well. I dont have the chops for the higher one. Cheap, good money, easy to do with a mid tier mech like mine. Good for lower players like myself. Decent drop rate. No complaints really.


Excelent find precios.
This is a good grinding spot.
Should dial in the minimum required to grind it.


I’m surprised everyone didn’t know about this one. It’s been mentioned many times.

I’ve yet to decide if the legendary drop rate is so hopelessly low that it’s worth doing this one over B.B./Ramboy.


I moved up to it. On hard it is better and easier. No such thing as grabbing a legendary anymore. BB is a waste of time. Just how the devs wanted it.


you’re actually wrong that you don’t get fortune boxes there - I just got one on normal mode.

EDIT: just got two more in some sort of weird cluster of fortune boxes.


in the last zone?

mission 6? WHAT


yep, mission 6 normal. just got 3 fortune boxes in a row.


no way! Only on normal tho?


well if it dropped for me on normal chances are it drops on hard and insane too