Bring Back Jet Black


I , myself , dont like the black colour that is right now for a maxed mythical.

Many of us want the jet black colour it was back then for maxing an item.

Can we add it back @Sarah247 @Mohadib?

POLL : Shall they add back jet black for maxed mythicals?

  • Yes
  • No

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that was the color all my mechs had


What is jet black exactly ?

I can’t really imagine that color ^^


its a deep black with a shine to it


remember Madao’s white energy monster? With the galaxus, double deep drain, and call of lightning? that was one of my favorite builds


my metrolens looked so good in jet black…with that flat gray undertone at the bottom…(nostalgia…nostalgia.)


I guess he means black like this:



Awww…I like that color X.X




41 voters , we have spoken


Let the color implend


48 voters , come on…


Its gonna cost 500 tokens if it ever comes back. Or maybe just 200.


Dude did you read what i wrote? Jet black for maxed myths.


Yes pls…i missed it soo much.


Dude do you really think if they ever reintroduce the best looking color again its gonna be free? The maxed item color will stay as it is and this gonna be the one you can buy. Doesn’t matter if the suggestion is about the maxed out color.


I have to really tell that if it was on the shop will make me happy.


I don’t think I was here when Jet Black was in the game… anyone have pictures?


Remember the time you said prof?
Guess my anwser.