Bring back mythicals to boxes


In old super mechs you were able to get mytchials in boxes, but now they say no more mythcials in boxes becuase you can transform.,But it is hard to transform to mythcial and expensive.You should really bring them back to boxes.

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However, I do agree that transforming and fusing all the way to Mythical is expensive, and cost a lot of resources. Something should be done to lessen that cost.

But Mythicals in boxes is a no.


It’s not easy to get 5 legendaries for transforming.


And we know that it is difficult to improve the epics for legendary ones and save them for mythical ones. But that’s what updating is all about to make miythicals harder to get, because it was so easy to get mythicals before and do not say no because there was not a user without a single mythic unless it’s new. So get used to it, and it thrives just as you are. Greetings <3


Sorry for calling you like that but you’re acting like one of those rank 10 players and kids who want to get a full mythical mech in no time. The mythicals before reloaded were more “balanced” and the devs could afford to give us a mythical drop chance in even the mix box. However the gap between reloaded legendaries and reloaded mythicals is higher than the one before. If you compare a legendary corrupted light and a mythical corrupted light the mythical one would deal around twice as much damage. That’s a good reason to not add a mythical chance from boxes.

Btw no need to thank me for correcting the title


I feel there should not be mythicals dropping from boxes, and there shouldnt be mythical things gifted to anyone, and the only way to get a mythical is to fuse stuff. The only exceotion to that is if they make the Radical tier (the tier above mythicals) then it might be possible to add a small chance of getting myths from a box.


We should have a mythical box. it should cost like 50K gold, and goes up like 100K each buy. it should contain 1-3 mythicals


Haha nice joke i hope it is one…


it was not a joke. i am very serious.


It really is easy to get legendary and improve everything takes only 2 weeks or a week and a half
But if perhaps some people find it difficult to obey a mythical


Oh well… I don’t want to offend you but you’re greedy and maybe a 12 years old child. First of all 50k gold is too low and that you get 1-3 mythicals are too much. TS won’t do that, not even in your dreams. And if they do that SM would be dead in under a week. :frowning:


If very cerio good conversation would be but 50K and 100K is very little money to give you a mythical insured someone wants a mythical !? get it by your own ways! If you know very well the name Legendario and Mitico is because they are extremely difficult to obtain, it is not necessary to make a mitic box that costs 50K gold is very cheap so you already know “If you want miticos” get them for your own


wait i tought they’re called mythicals -.-


If it is called miticos but by that simple name they would not give it to you for such a low price it is more if for some crazy thing they put mythical boxes their cost would be 500 token or 900 tokens for 2 miticos


ok 50K tokens. Happy now


Miticos and legendarios are Myth and Legend spanish words if I’m right…^^


We should ALL have this and someone to press the mouse buttons for us and have FULL auto play for both campaign AND PvP AND make our beds for us AND go to work for us AND think for us tooooo… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



How about a button that deposits 500 million USD into my bank account? That would be nice. :slight_smile:


you would give half of the 500 million and I think you already understood me xD


They can bring them back to boxes, but they don’t have to be so easy to get.