Bring Back Shields

going forward with SM reloaded, I think its important that we remove some of the obstacles for new players one of which is the fact that they can’t get shields. lately it seems if you’re a phys for example fighting another phys if you dont have an energy shield and the opposing phys does you’re at a disadvantage. I think shields should be brought back and scaled to the current damage outputs/average capacity stats which are now much higher. sure, let people keep old sheilds if they have them but I think as the months go by you’ll get a class of newer players just maturing to the top ranks which will become increasingly frustrated by this issue and you’ll potentially lose much needed top players.[poll type=regular public=true]

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This will allow more creative tactics and gameplay.

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with something like this you can take things very funny

It’s called legacy for a reason I don’t think they should bring it back unfair to the players who have them right now.

EDIT: If you don’t have a shield ofc you would vote Yes.

That’s the opposite of fair…

Fair is starting at a level playing field. It should be easier to do well the more time invested in a game yes but it shouldn’t give you an unfair advantage over newer players just because they are late to the party especially if they have put the same effort into the game.


The newer players wouldn’t be playing on my level because like you said their “newer.”

"That’s the opposite of fair… " Buying tokens do you think that is fair? lmao

They’re a thing of the past now. Move on. End of discussion.

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yes, in that they will not have had as much time to accumulate items, experience or fusion. in that way you will always have an advantage over someone who is newer, which the re-implementation of shields in no way threatens. however, put yourself in the shoes of someone who started playing after the update, they go about building up a very nice physical mech but through no fault of their own they lack a shield, while people who played before still have it. the person with a shield could slack and do ■■■■ all while the newer guy can grind his ass off and still be at a permanent disadvantage. would you not feel a little bit miffed? currently we lack top players and its causing two issues: firstly battles take FOREVER to find and secondly top players end up matched with people who are quite below their level and they then get discouraged. how would you adress this?

but they’re not though are they? as long as people have shields they are not “a thing of the past”.

most people aren’t so arrogant as to assume the power to end any discussion they contribute to, but sure.

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It’s a saying.

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gonna adress any of my point, hon?


Not sure that the shield is really a big advantage in a phis vs phis battle because its end in like 3 turns and if you waste a turn turning on your shield you might lose. However I think new players should get it if they want so whatever… it can be good against corner huggers.

I agree plus not many people really use them in battle it is a thing of the past.

@Misfit Did you make this thread because you don’t have a shield ?

We both (me and @Misfit ) have shields but we want a fair match as it is more fun.


gonna adress my arguments at some point or nah?

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So, by your standards, it’s considered fair if you have something that nobody else has a chance to get no matter how much they pay or grind? So, even if they are a better player than you (thats 99% of all players already) and if they play way longer than you and grind nonstop, they will never be able to win just because you have something that can turn the tide of war that they can’t get.

So if most people dont use them why are you so worried? This wont exactly make someone OP but it will add more difference to the game. And they can be useful if used right.

Are you trying to belittle a better player than you by saying that? He has a shield but is fighting for the rights of newer players to have something they wouldnt be able to get otherwise. Possibly because he cares about fairness in this game and doesnt want to have an unfair advantage over someone, because he wins by skill. Not by having something others cant get.


I have one :slight_smile:


Tbh I don’t think shields are much useful in the new game, 1 turn with a phy mech is around 300+ DMG, I don’t think I would sacrifice it for a 5-10% shield. Plus there isn’t much turns in a phy vs phy battle, it ends in max 3-4 turns anyways.

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Thank you for your post, Merciful. You’ve brought up a point. I wouldnt exactly agree with you on that shields are useless. For example, in Ricemech’s screenshot he has a shield that stops 30% of damage. Its not all just 5-10%. And if they bring them back they will most likely make them a bit stronger than the legacy versions, as they have done with everything else.

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Yep bringing back more powerful shields can add a new element to the game, maybe they have plans, that might be why the slot is still there.i just wish they don’t be like the HP plates

I want corner poles replace with commode. Thats only thing which never changes.