DEBATE: Is water wet?


You equation is weak, fool


You try to sound smart just by using this Exasperating Farrago of random twiddling symbols , but in reality all it does is to make you look preposterous


I did not want to do this, but you have left me no choice:
You have banished by the words of the gods


You keep recapitulating the same blunders again and again


wHaT hAvE i StArTeD wItH tHiS tHrEaD


It looks like you have set fire to a vehement war of scientific and lingual percipience on a non belligerent forum ment to talk about things related to game , just by asking a ludicrous Thought provoking stupid, nonsensical and rhetorical question


Okay new question!
Does water make fire wet when underwater or does fire make water dry?


I don’t think fire exist underwater , does it?


Simple: Fire makes water wet


Fire (a plasma) turns water (liquid) into a gas? EvApOrAtE???


26 AM
This should answer any questions you have


Fish are covered is some lotion


No, the lotion IS the fish
Please bring intelligent evidence to the table



So maybe water isnt wet, water is canada?


59 PM
This is what I found up when I searched "Is Water Canada?"
Very intriguing evidence indeed, but I have yet to decode the message


No because water itself is not wet. Contact with air perceives the water to become wet but if you only have water then you are not wet


But what if the water has you?


It’s technically not underwater since it has water under it as well. It’s surrounded by water. I would almost say that it’s underair but theres a chance there might be air under or around it, which would make that an invalid term as well.


It’s the feeling you’re mome had when i showed her my fidget spinner tricks.