Drone time! Poll! XD

So I just opened ten mix boxes and got nemo and
clash. I use a DB and a CL with a twisted flux to push. Which drone should I myth?

  • Clash
  • Nemo

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I’m leaning towards the nemo side, because I know that it drains max heat cap. However, with the DB, it varies if I should use clash or not

Clash is better than Nemo

proof where’s the proof.
lets get @Mordulec and @Fluxeon to debate with you “proof”

Do you think @L4K3 would debate too ? ^^

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Of course!
Give me a second.Thanks for summoning me as well :smile:

First,let’s take a look at their max stats:

As you can see,they both have the same weight,the same heat damage and the same medium damage:
Their difference is that one damages resistance and the other damages heat cap.
Let’s inspect your build a little:

As we know,there are two types of heater:
The Mass Heater (or the Boiler),which does more heat damage than explosive and cuts the opponent’s heat cap and the Damage Heater,which does more direct explosive damage and less heat damage than it’s mirrored brother and also shreds resistance.
DawnBlaze and Twisted Flux (which btw is common-epic and the weaker version of Abomination) are for the Damage Heater type.
Corrupt Light is a Mass Heater type,also.
For DawnBlaze and Twisted Flux shread resistance,I’d say to go for CLASH.You’ll find the extra resistance damage useful on that build.Also,you could add a Desolation,for it will be useful for both resistance drain and against energy builds (Desolation does damage comparable to a physical weapon,shreds resistance and is energy-free).
Use Nemo if you plan to make a complete/upgraded Mass Heater (for right now it seems to be more of a Damage Heater).The heat cap damage would help.Either way,I doubt it…
However,not so many L-M heat weapons are Mass Heaters,so I’d also say to go with Clash,because you most probably will have a majority of Damage Heater weapons on your mech,so it’s for long-term.

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I knew I was right, dark warrior.

Clash is the only good heat drone

Clash is good for more overtime damage.

Nemo works wobders with a savagery and CL / 2x CL

I use a Murmur, and I am in love with the thing. Clash and Nemo are great, but they’re not the only good ones!

And I can get up to rank 4, before you ask.