E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


It’s Tom guys… Give him some time.


That tactical pause, for the teams discuss strategy.

The smartest guy in the world, pause ticks and ask us not to interact with relic… Can I say at least Hi to the relic?


Tom with perfect sentences but released relics wrong. I see a contradiction


Sorry folks, I paused it for now as I suspect Tom made a mistake. Not sure exactly. Will try to get to the bottom.


I tho u had paused… not shutted off the server… :joy::joy::joy:


Him and Tom are currently arguing about where to release the relics, server couldn’t handle it. Zeus vs Odin


If needed we can show where is Italy :face_with_monocle:


Admins sharing accounts ! ! IP bann them now !! cheaters lol xD


Italy is playing hard to get. Cheeky woman



… Probably :stuck_out_tongue:

No really, server should come back up fine, probably having some maintenance script running. It seems fond of those…


Maybe PLO made another token purchase and server got over loaded :roll_eyes:


Alex emerged victorious, expect relics to be in Italy.



Seems like it gonna take a while…


it’s back now guys :0


My bad! I was half-asleep when I dropped the relics. Thank god for relic protection.

They’ve moved where they ought to be, and ticks are unpaused :slight_smile:


Time for me to leave BD again now :slight_smile: 2 days were real fun @Carter @Swagger You guys r doing great :slight_smile:

Good Luck ! ! !

Cya !


So whats the status about the war, is Plo kicking all ya asses? :smiley:


A short story… 200 squads crossed Aussie to AA. 122 real squads rest spam. 5 members.

One died after another.

First Blood: (Alfie dead)

Double kill: (Swag and Carter dead)

We on Killing Spree: (Rest of Swag’s squads)

We Dominating: (EnerGY dead)

We casting our Fear spell: (Our dear Dan)

And that’s it.


Did you use black magic again?


For sure ye. Its on Havoc now.