E4 Factions event


My reply was more just stating that even if we lost the war, FIRE’s better than BAR :wink:


And that’s why we nuked your Hive :smiley:


Then you could have waited 3 days, and perhaps not get that war. Maybe. You had a choice here – two potential risks. To my knowledge, Felipe was at the final step of stepping down. He had made a deal. He still held the flag. He acted.

We can pretend this was fully unexpected, but most good leaders I know would react similar to this. Because most leaders who win more than a few eras, do so based on a reputation for keeping their word (though sometimes using a loophole :stuck_out_tongue:)

Maybe that’s just the people I know, though.


What are you talking about, there’s no nukes in AA ;)?


The leaders you talk about sound like pansies. A real leader would put his team first, and reward those who had put the work in. I wouldn’t work for a company that would fire me for trying to help the company, I won’t participate in a community that does the same.


Fantastic Alex, let’s start promoting battle hugs!!

THAT is how the factions era was advertised. NOT as “Btw if you have Psi as your leader, you’ll never be able to attack certain teams because his loyalty truly lies with them.” It’s bullshit and everybody can see that.


Yes, we could have done that. And then the ones that played best (I think) would not have won the era, and it would prove to everyone that the way to play is to hug it out and not fight. Honestly Alex, you would have hated to see that happen too.

It would have been great if that knowledge had also been spread to if not the entire alliance at least to those doing the actual leading.

Most good leaders wouldn’t get into this position. Because most good leaders would have been an actual leader instead of being afk.

But glad to hear you like battle hugs nowadays. At least that clarifies stuff.


I have nothing to say ! :dango:


He really wasn’t Alex. Jeez how disconnected are you?[quote=“Alexander, post:58, topic:553”]
We can pretend this was fully unexpected

yea, it was :\ . most leaders don’t kick people after they’ve been inactive for awhile just to keep up friendships. Apparently competitive integrity and honor mean nothing

(edit:sorry I’ve stopped liking stuff, I know its my duty but im already out for today :frowning2: )


@Alexander , just answer one thing for me, if what you say about PSI is true, and he removed the cause of what the problem was (i.e. Milan) (sorry Milan) then why did he leave afterward? Why remove the most influential player of the attack on LAN, then simply just leave afterward? Thats what doesn’t make sense to me. Its like he just intentionally screwed his own alliance over. Removed the two leaders.


You all talk about battlehugs like you never did it or never had an ally…if you didnt liked you would never took any deal with lan or any other team


I love drama as much as the next person but,


Idk… lel :strawberry:


Dj Battlehugging is for scum. idc what you say. I’ve left teams because they were just settling for easy wins. I got every right to blast PSI because what he did is scummy and should be punished because it goes against competitive integrity that this event was supposed to have


Having an ally is different to ceding the era because one useless ■■■■ wont step down as leader and let the era continue into its next stage.


Like i said if you dont want battlehugs dont have ally from the start amd not cry in last 300 ticks


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What if admins added in a 5th faction for all those not in a team right now?


We didn’t ally -_- guess who did? We wanted peace with FIRE actually


Fun era while it lasted :confused: [quote=“redwurm, post:7, topic:553, full:true”]
or we could’ve waited to do the event until Josh had 4 solid leaders. Psi was failing on E1 and M1 already when this started, he was clearly the wrong choice from the get go.

Psi is more than a solid choice, you just don’t know because you were not around. He is the kind of a choice that you will never have a chance to be, go back to your cave! Psi told everyone he is against it and gave a pretty good option!


I see no problem on ending the era, while we try to get our best members who fought well for at least top 20 for the tokens, the intention here was to teach the newbs and/or intermediaries players, which I think we succeed on it
There are no alliances winners
Just individual ranks
I didn’t come serious playing, I did at the start
For the fun

At some point I agree with both Psi and Milan but the event lasts for 1k ticks for a reason, and what I think is that prizes are individual for top 50 or 25 (idk) because there shouldn’t be no winner this round. If I missed something let me know, I don’t have time to read all this, cheers.