Formal complaint Cheater Player

he has been working in feedback recently.


I feel it is kind of important to share what devs and staff tell us that way the community is on the same page and conspiracies do not run rampant. This game has too many secrets for my taste alredy lol. :heartpulse:


I didn’t meant you, when I said the pm thing !
Just wanted to clear that I will ask for permission before I share any pm I get.



ёб твою мать

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I think “Jess” and “Sarah” are actually the same person.


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Jess is the non-evil Sarah???

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This is what’s happening right now. Damn you, Fluxeon


Haha! @Fluxeon @Kaen thank you both for the smile :heartpulse:


Computing is not my field, but there are anti-cheat software to detect tricks and take actions automatically against cheaters. Something like anti virus. Some games use them.
It seems to me all this “manual” work of detecting cheater, sending emails, waiting for the answer, doing an investigation, is very tedious and takes too long.

In addition you can report to 1, or 2 or 3 players for not doing the right thing. You can become the Sherlock Holmes of game, personally I register in a game to play, not to report cheaters. But there will always be others who act in the shadows and you don´t know.


I on staff was waiting for your answer.

since you have taken the forum as your personal playground, “your personal twitter”.

and I expected a direct and forceful response without looking at clans, only the punctual situation, many here do not speak of their own members or clans, as I told wepa if you want to denounce any other player make your own post, not a phrase as [quote=“El_Metre, post:10, topic:7336”]
aparentemente también en Llyl.
[/quote], does it seem to you that it is apparently or are you sure that is the case? or as you are in your clan, you prefer to have a reasonable doubt in the face of the obvious.

This is like cheating using as an argument that you do it because others do it too.

what makes me generate a survey: let’s see who has the balls well placed on their site, and those who have only adornment. (men and women)

Do you think that the Tacticsoft’s team should ban the Katakuri account for the use of cheats not allowed in the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Or else what?
You failed to understand anything that i have written.
Looks to me you have a personal grudge with the one that u report.And you have taken this on a forum, to start a witchhunt, on someone that can’t defend himself, tell me does that make you feel powerful?
You scorning and calling someone that is not on the forum a cheater, and starting a public trial based on suspecting things? You want to act like judge jury and executioner, on facts that you don’t know, and only presume, that isn’t how things are done. You file a report of a suspected account, like evryone else, you provide the techsupport with all that you know, and techsuport is the one that makes a deccision about that account.
What i have proposed was a solution of how not to let cheaters prosper, by keeping them out of the Top Clans.That is what we can actualy do, you suspect someone of cheating, you can kick him out of your clan, we Llyl did that with Dimond, also Reign kicked him because they Lani suspected him, what did your clan do? You took him in, yes Dimond is in your clan, and prospering toghether with others.
The way you put things is like this : i condemn kakaturi to a public shameing and banning of his account, cause i pressume that he cheats, and thus if i presume that he cheats, i want him banned…or else?
Or else what? What exactly are u gonna do about it? File the damn report and be done with it, you don’t need to make this sharede and follow your own personal vendetas on a forum.
You instigate people with hate towards others, you abuse the fact that he can’t defend himself cause he isn’t a member of this forum. and thus can’t speack for himself.
What if you are wrong? and his account is clean? Will you make a topic in wich you will apologise about trashing his name?About how you were wrong?

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The matter is Shadow / Hunter, your publication is totally partial and tendentiuos.
You have not intended to report here to a player (that you are right, he is a cheater and should be banned), but to indirectly attack a rival clan.

You will not manage to get me into that game of “correveydiles” that does not lead to anything positive.

It’s my last intervention on this topic. Thank u.

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This is your appreciation, leave the paranoia, no one is accepting any clan, by saying that you accept that this player represents the heart of your clan, just so you would justify what you are saying. very bad coming from someone who has been characterized by being impartial and for losing impartiality, you see that only defends its own benefits. this will serve as a reference when in other topics you talk about double standards.

however, I respect your position, run forrest run…


Are you contradicting yourself, you say they are suspicions? What are assumptions? it’s easy to see it yourself, and make your own conclusions.

the bad thing that I see here is that you think it is due to a personal attack on a clan, and it is not like that, at the time I have denounced many other players, whether or not they are in clans.
I am not denouncing a clan and I denounce 1 player who represents 4.1% of a clan (1/24). It is simple to understand.

You do not have to create conspiracy stories, or unsportsmanlike strategies, I just say or think.

What I do not understand is because you omit the survey, if you do not agree you can vote “NO”, both options are free to choose.

PS: Do not let yourself get infected by the paranoia of others, who think that everything is against them, that the players only prepare to kill her, look for her, those people who think that the game revolves around her.

The best thing I ever did was stop caring about winning and losing in this game that being said, anyone that cheats deserves to be banned. He can defend himself by not cheating when @Tacticsoft checks his account. People accused me of cheating so I posted all my paypal transactions. Unpunished cheaters are a slap in the face to every honest F2P and P2P player, it tells us our time and money are worthless. No one defended me when I was accused as a cheater as a matter fact a lot of the people defending katakuri here were the ones accusing me.( and no one made any threads about being sorry for ruining my reputation). Tell him to join forums and defend himself he obviously has clanmates in this chat.
All cheaters should be banned.


I categorically proit cheaters, if the developers do not take action, it’s necessary to get out of this game !!!


Kind of off topic @Nagibator, I really enjoyed our last battle, you are really fun to fight now.

I can’t blame the old players if they are doing this because Tacticsoft basically destroyed their previous spending and made strong accounts weak with the latest update. And these players just exploiting that the developer team is full of monkeys and they are making a negligent job because they are more interested in graphic and moneymaker updates than actual useful updates.

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Thank you ShadowOfDeath for that 10 minutes laughing !

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How true !!!

LOVE you too :heartpulse: :cupid: :sparkling_heart:



Cheating should be reported to the developers via email not on a forum. I think that was the witch hunt accusation. Sadly it was the same done to toxic doll. This is not the place to post a report. The defense and all the drama involved with it is a different issue I do not care to comment on. My opinion is that cheaters should be banned regardless. I had my account reduced to nothing but haven’t resorted to cheating I sadly just re dedicated myself despite my inner voice telling me not to do so. Just send reports to the devs. There is far too much player on player crime in here. I am no angel but have learned what works here and what doesn’t.