Funny BD Moments


Share funny moments from bd :grin:

screenshots, BRs, funny stories, anything that made you smile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When Ced asked George to attack radar with him :joy: :joy:

Funny BD stories

The great story of when Dommy got trapped and lost 1.1k inf to 4E


Once on M1 Sasuke told us all on ac “TURN, ALL TURN!” but he didnt trust us to turn in time so he kept going and he died alone :joy:

[26 November 2015 10:55] sasuke96:


noob era and noobs rofl. Yum is the best :smiley: @djina bring more screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:


This was around six years ago, way back when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I’ll never forget how it played out.


Dw i will and dont cry then :joy:


but dommy killed whole alliance :dagger:


naw, after that he lost 8 squads to a random dude :smiley:


I played that era. It was arguably one of the best three ticker eras in recent memory. The era ended before tick 3000 back when it was the limit for three tickers with VULC holding all ten relics. So, the era ended in a draw with basically two winners; VULC with ten relics and RK with higher score.


Dat moment when joe wanna fight plo


That time Admin Alex was a total dic and ioned me!

When this is someone’s colony results and there’s still another 30 nukes headed their way

When Admin Tom can’t spell


Ced and me joined some random team to troll in M3, this guy keep sending mass msgs but no one knew what he was asking for so he left :joy:


Seems you are talking of this :slight_smile:

#15 what happens when you go off for a coupla weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Credit to Rato


damm lmao
poor plo


Can we make a ‘‘Sad BD moments’’ thread so I can post this picture


RIP EnerGY 1998-2017

You shall be missed :sob: :pray:


dont be jelly
i remember that moment when you started noobing and made a plan :confused:

[25-Dec-16 6:31:56 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: u here
[25-Dec-16 6:32:00 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: we can maybe kill 11 squads
[25-Dec-16 6:32:06 AM] EnerGY: hw
[25-Dec-16 6:32:25 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: can you lock your op
[25-Dec-16 6:32:27 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: if it has sp
[25-Dec-16 6:32:34 AM] EnerGY: dude
[25-Dec-16 6:32:36 AM] EnerGY: its not
[25-Dec-16 6:32:37 AM] EnerGY: 24 ct
[25-Dec-16 6:32:46 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: so
[25-Dec-16 6:32:52 AM] EnerGY: I cant lock wtf
[25-Dec-16 6:32:56 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: doesent it need only 2
[25-Dec-16 6:32:57 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: wtf
[25-Dec-16 6:33:02 AM] EnerGY: amd yes u can lock if it has sp
[25-Dec-16 6:33:09 AM] EnerGY: we need 24
[25-Dec-16 6:33:13 AM] EnerGY: 24*
[25-Dec-16 6:33:19 AM] Amer/LizardYEYE: wtfff
[25-Dec-16 6:33:20 AM] EnerGY: 24 ct to lock my oo


@trajic1 moments :joy:

i luv you :kissing_heart: :grin: :heart:


I have a pretty good one actually haha. It was during the intense CE2. Basically Flavored Snacks was on team AF and he was going into Europe with his squads. WeNo and another enemy, I think CnC, matched his destination with far more squads each. Flavored Snacks couldn’t be reached to recall so he landed on the outpost. The funny part is our enemies fought each other and not him because he had the least amount of squads. So it returned him to origin right after landing. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: