General Thread - What should I myth next?



Ok @PlagueKnight imma translate what those two builds L4K3 just listed would mean for your mech
The first build:

This would mean you could so some higher damage with that backbreaker in there, However, you would have to have 3 energy modules, because only 1 energy free weapon. So, you would have to sacrifice some health plating.

Second Build:

This would mean you would so some lower damage, but you would need only 2 energy modules because of the two energy free weapons, so you could add in an extra health plate


Show me a mech summary screenshot along with the modules so i can further help you



ok got it ready to go


got it ready lets do this


Now just discard the Reckless Beam to save some space for modules.
You should also discard an Annihilation if you’re gonna use the BB/SB combo.It takes weight.


Alright: First of all, get rid of the reckless beam.
Second of all, choose one of the two builds I listed in my reply explaining what it would mean for your mech. You cant have 5 weapons, it is two much weight
Third, choose the modules set-up for the build you chose.
If you chose the seraphblade, night eagle, dual annighlation, then your modules should be:
2 energy modules
3 health modules
3 heat modules.
If you choose that build, put in the two heat modules you have, and then all you need is an energy module and another health plate.


If you chose the Night eagle, backbreaker, seraphblade, and 1 annihilation, then your modules should be:
3 energy
3 heat
2 health
For this build, add in the two heat modules sitting in your inventory, and then all you need are two more energy modules.
Heres my earlier explanation of the two builds so you dont have to keep finding it:


2 energy
3 health
3 heat (until you max them) ir you go with the second build.

For the dual Annihilation build,you can just have 1 energy engine,3 plates and 4 modules to counter the hell outta the heaters/1 energy,4 plates and 3 heat (if you have enough weight)


like a cooling booster


Ok, ill do some more in depth module talking, but first tell me which build are you going
Seraphblade, backbreaker, night eagle, and 1 annihilation?
Seraphblade, nighteagle, and 2 annihilation?

First build does more damage but has less health
Second build does less damage but has more health


Seraphblade, backbreaker, night eagle, and 1 annihilation?


And you’re all set.
Good to go now.


Alright, imma do some maths to find out the exact module set-up that would best fit your wieght parameters, give me a minute


thank you guys lets fight some day alright yeet go do that


alright @PlagueKnight lets do this:
Your load-out:

Torso: Windigo

Leg: Iron Boots

Weapons: Seraph blade(1-2 range, 234-376 damage, -10 physical resistance)
Backbreaker(1 range, 228-408 damage, -8 energy regen, -8 cooling, 1 knockback)
Night eagle(3-6 range, 209-336 damage, 1 pull, 3 uses)
Annihilation(1-2 range, 203-341 damage, -15 physical resistance, 3 uses)

Drone: Void

Special Items: Physical Grappling Hook, Charge Engine, Teleporter

Health modules: 2 iron/platinum platings. (depending on if you are lucky or not)

Heat Modules: 3 heat engines

Energy modules: 3 energy engines.

At max mythical, your stats will be:
Health With two iron platings, zero platinum platings: 1750 hp
Health with 1 iron plating, 1 platinum plating: 1920 hp
Health with 0 iron plating, 2 platinum plating: 2090

Heat Capacity: 568 heat
Cooling: 238

Energy Capacity: 484
Regen: 198

Final Weight: 988

This mech is a trip to the top, my friend

Ps: If you like some more health, then you would have to use the 11 weight (energy) grappling hook, and replace an energy engine with another plate, for a bonus of 145 health(if its iron) or 315 health ( if its platinum)


Ok guys again…what should I myth?..

  • 2nd Nightfall
  • Energy Engine
  • Heat Engine
  • Cooling Mass Booster
  • Energy Mass Booster

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and also

  • Two annihilations and a Nightfall
  • Two Nightfall’s and one Annihilation

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how about bringing back the last words and unequipping bulldog?
if range 1,do the stomp-last words combo
if range 2,last words-bunker shell(if bunker shell is not yet used)or use last words then stay away from your enemy(move backwards or teleport)


If you pack energy then dual NF.NF hits harder than Annihilation.
If you wish to go for a semi energy-free build like mine,then Dual Annihilation (less energy,more heat,more hp)