they did…once…:slight_smile:


I guess most of the times the player who posted the picture/poll won because nobody is bragging about a lose. Or the one who has the weaker mech because its not suprising that a stronger mech won… so there is no need to guess.


Lol is that the old mech I see? xD


So the point of this is to guess who wins? Like the concept of this :smiley:


Yeah… I did?


This was the result of the battle I posted. . .



Oh, nice!

I editted my post and added the results but this way can work too


Never thought of that while I posted the result. . . Oh well, I’ll do it next time :smile:


No, but this way people can see the result has been put out :+1:



  • Win
  • Lose

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I forgot to take the result,but I won that fight
@Winz_Kay what makes you think that I lost? :thinking:


  • his quote remains (Vicarious won)
  • his quote isn’t correct anymore (Vicarious lost)

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result :

:question: coming soon :question:


How about a third option: His quote remains (Vicarious lost)
Because technically he wasn’t destroyed by flaming scope because you haven’t used that weapon. You only used a mech which has the flaming scope. So basically his statement is still correct because he wasn’t destroyed by a flaming scope but a mech with a flaming scope (which wasn’t used).
So we can’t choose the right answer from your suggestions. (Yes I checked the replay)



You want go into details :question:
Here we go …
I made him 3 times (:exclamation:) to have to change his position with his mech BECAUSE of my Flaming Scope, that was the reason I had 816 HP (:exclamation:) left with my first mech in that 2v2 :exclamation:

So you can easy choose the right answer out of the two, IF you dont come here just to try to talk against :exclamation:


nice try, but sorry


Ok, so just tell me the answer to this question: his mech was destroyed by which of your weapon? Which made his HP goes to negative (red)



OMG, you are also one trying to go around facts :question:
Fact is, because of my Flaming Scope, I had 816 HP (:exclamation:) left with my 1st mech.
If I would have NOT used/equiped my Flaming Scope, the result from the battle from the 1st mechs would be totally different :exclamation:

To hard for you to see this clear indirect connection, only because you just want not accept this fact :question:
Or just because it is me, you try to talk against (even that the facts tell it is correct this way) :question:


Don’t be so upset I was just reading what you quoted from Vicarious, maybe you should read it slower so you’d understand what he was saying.
I understand what you are trying to say but you are not right. His mech wasn’t destroyed BY your flaming scope.
But I know that there is no way I can convince you that you are wrong so im not gonna try it. Have a nice day.


An earthquake … someone got hit from a huge concrete block, because she/he decided to run away (searched a safe room) and dies (may she/he RIP) :exclamation:

Did she/he died because of falling concrete blocks from heaven :question:


Did she/he died because of the earthquake :question:

She/he died because of the fallen concrete blocks caused BY the earthquake (and because she/he tried to avoid the earthquake, but she/he was hit from a concrete block.

I think that makes it pretty clear :exclamation:


The quote for this example would be ,

“With a good strategy you will never die by an earthquake, never happened to me, you need to know right moves and predict them”

Very good move to let you hit from the concrete blocks, good strategy to have the high risk dieing because of fallen concrete blocks, instead of a smaller chance to die direct from the earthquake.
Under the line she/he died BY the Earthquake, hitten from a concrete block, because she/he tried to avoid the direct damage from the earthquake :exclamation:



He/she died in an earthquake after he/she was hit by a concrete block.