Hello, I'm new. (To these forums.)

Hello everyone, my name is as you can see, Arcansyte.
I’m new to the forums and I’ve been playing SM for 4 years or something.
So, to introduce at least the basics, I am a big fan of Anime. (More than 45 or 50 animes seen, If I counted correctly.)
I also like FPS like DooM or survival FPS games like Unturned.
So yeah, that’s pretty much the basics, plan to have a decent activity, at least when I need important stuff in here, and help others, if I can.

That’s all.

P.S: I’m Dragonix01 in SM.
In case you can add friends, think on adding me if you want. It’ll be good.


Welcome To The Forums Arcansyte!:relaxed:

Welcome Buddy

And we can not add friends in Game , only in old forums

Yo sup dude

Woah that’s a lot of anime watched lol :astonished:

Welcome :blush:
This our anime page here lol~

Awesome and welcome, glad to have another anime fan. I seen over 1000 anime and only remember about 5% of that.

Thank you for the welcoming guys! :grin:
I’ll be checking the anime post and give a reply!
And same goes for me, Jam. Of all those anime I’ve seen, I just remember like… the 50%? I think!


Heyy dude…

Welcome to the best place to share your ideas… Even though the Supermech Team doesn’t really listen to you…

Still a great place to hang out and talk to people…

Thank you for the welcoming!

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