Help Please: Building an Effective Energy Mech


Hhh has Bunker, Miron has BullDog. Sometimes you can’t stretch out a Plate Plate in place of a weapon.


I have a bulldog and a valiant.

and the l-m energy capsule if you count that

But miron also has the l-m res plate


Can I just say how ugly sparked runners are? They’re so bland compared to Rolling Beasts


Well, for starters you don’t need more than 4 weapons - you’re currently extremely weak to physical and heat, and only modules will save you. My advice is to drop the crazed repeater and spinefall, and replace the grim cobra with a malice beam. The first two weapons are pretty pointless, and you’ll have no reason to use a grim cobra. That’ll give you some breathing space to add modules - definitely that heat engine and cooling booster, at least one hp plate as well. Your torso and legs are perfect; I don’t know what your drone is, but smack (or windforge if you have it) should do fine. You can also drop a utility or two to make room for more modules - You shouldn’t need the charge, at least.

Hope this helps… good luck!


Faceshocker could be useful for him