How are my modules? OK or KO?

Michael said so, as well:

Tacticsoft, shame on you!


Well,there are a lot of things to be done on it (like more energy and such)…but you’re on the good way.
Why don’t you give up on the resistance module to free a little weight you’ll need for the engines?
Make sure to swap the legacy modules for the new ones of the same kind too,they’re better even when not maxed.
Also,when you get new weapons make sure to re-organize your build,for it’s a little sensible right now…Aand,if I were you,I’d make a little room for a Night Eagle too :slight_smile:

Isn’t the night eagle the backwards physical top grenade launcher? I’ll try to get one, then, since I got my goal for the annihilation pretty quick. I don’t have any other engines to replace the resistance module, though.

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It’s okay.You wont need it anyways.The mythical maximum protector does make a difference but this one really doesn’t really help.Save the weight for the Night Eagle (yeah,the backwards top :slight_smile: ).

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hell thats awfull xD

i didnt ever take seriously SM so xD if i get the items or not dont care me anymore xD soda its bad probably a lemonade its better

i was listening this song on my head when i wrote it xD

thats actually a decent mech, but pls. Change the shotgun and the legs.

I’m working on the annihilation for replacing the shotgun and I like the legs.

Annihilation, good. Legs, bad. They don’t go to mythical so they aren’t worth it!!

I don’t have better legs though.

Just keep farming, they’ll show up soon enough. Honestly just about any legs will do, as long as they go to mythical.

Are iron boots the best?

I use them and they are good for physical mechs

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There is no ‘best’ anything (except for valiant sniper of course). Iron boots are good, if you have them I’d use them. They may only be epic now, but you’ll feel the difference once you get into the mythical range.

Whats the valiant sniper? And is it legend-myth?

yes the valiant sniper is legendary to mythical

@casualdude Heres a photo… Maxed. And painted
08 AM

That is a lot of energy damage… imagine having 2 of these…

Does it have hidden effects, like max energy, regen, etc?

I don’t know about hidden stats but it’s fairly strong without them…

Regen damages, but forgot how much…


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