How do you create a great mech with the new update?


How do you create a great mech with the new update?


If you know the basics it’s pretty easy just make sure you upgrade only those items which can go upto myth status (by checking the dots under the item description-orange means myth) if you just started playing the new version , you will have to either spend 100-200 $ or Start grinding on campaign 24x7 to get some good items


I made a physical mech because they require the fewest legendary/mythical-only items. Still required a ton of grinding though.

I don’t think you can reasonably get into the top 10 without paying, but you can definitely comfortably stay at rank 1 if you farm the campaign enough to get a few mythicals.


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How do you create a great mech with the new update?
------------------> GET THE BEST ITEMS <-----------------

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-----------------> GET THE BEST ITEMS <---------------------


Cheats, if there are any


I need tips on making an amazing mech.




cheat engine


i don’t have one, are they downloadable?



don’t read this


45 PM I just got this today.


now look for a slot to install the upgraded module to use it :smile:
energy eats up almost more, than reduces to opponent.


what do u mean? 11_11


using cost at myth: 93 energy /31 heat


okay thanks for letting me know



Use these threads:
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Multi-res mods FTW
Stuff with pics
Torso stuff with armoury pics

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