How many premium items do you have?


Your detector doesn’t work and L4K3 failed with his sarcasm since Sorrow is actually a good weapon. Purifier, on the other hand, sucks.


Lol,that’s what I said…
Sorrow is actually amazing.
93 heat damage,good exp dmg,range 2-4 and energy-free?
That’s the stuff right there.


Well I haven’t understood this line then :joy:


and it only heats 31 to the user… I’d love to try double sorrow with double desolation build ( may be too heavy but I live dangerously)


Of course I’d feel pretty bad after hearing that someone actually deleted such a beast of a weapon…
That’s what I meant lol


I’ve missed DarkWarrior reply, and Yeet answer misleaded me. Now everything makes sense.


Woops, got them mixed up


2x Murmur
Seraph Blade
2x Brightroar
2x Flaming Scope
2x Spartan Carnage
Desert Snake
2x Mighty Cannon
Desert Fury
2x Big Daddy
Chaos Bringer
Magma Blast
Mortal Bullet
Valiant Sniper
2x Rolling Beasts
2x Sparked Rollers
Flaming Grapple Hook

Just updated my old post… count is at 30 now. Don’t hate on me for bragging a little :stuck_out_tongue:



I don´t have so many. I have passed many to fusion. I stayed only with the best. The desert fury, the sorrow … all that passed to a better life.

Why would I want to have items that I don´t use and I will never use like 90% of drones?

Neither am I energy, so all the energy that I have obtained, everything to fusion.

In general, everything that consumes energy tried to get rid of it. I stayed with 1 single seraphblade, for eg. But I have it as an ornament, I don´t use it.

Even torsos … only 3 zarkares I use, 1 brutality, 1 windigo. All the others were.


I just got an archimode…is it good or just myth food?


I had like 16 but most were crap so I just have what’s on my mech and another pair of rolling beasts


Myth food, get rid of it


Its bad at the moment but I would keep one, it might get rebalance as only L-M torso


Bruh you fused the sorrow? Why? Its great, only 31 cost, no energy cost, and pretty good heat damage


It is too much weight for the little damage it does.


Oh ok. Im a mass heater so when I got it I rejoiced