++Idea For Stopping Quitters++

Then why play it? :hushed:

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Hug them at close range and pray.

For those i have counter…
Valiant sniper the top 189 drain wepons, -15 res.


This game is like cigarettes, it’s hard to quit.
And I’m not here to become a top player, I recognize how impossible it is to do for free.

The energy free charge/phys grappling hook is handy for conserving energy.

You really dont know what you talk about do you?
Did i refer to close range combat? Or i refered to long range combat?
Charge 1 use, hook 1 use.
Legacy teleport 2 uses… look at misfit vs rico, and say it is easy.
There you go, top of the top, all equal strengh, all fully fused… and what happened?

did you also miss the part where I said untill those two battles I was on a losing streak against his mech with mine? the only thing that changed was how we played. for the “I’ll always have skill on my side” dude you seem pretty quick to discount tactics used as a factor.

Tactics are involved?

I would love to see you in my mech and beat rico… I doubt you could.
I can though…

Just look at it.Look at the fight.
He unleashed 2 salvos of nightfall and drone, more then any other phis build can dream of doing, even if he had anihilation he wouldn’t do anything.
Btw shotgun is energy free, for basic info.
There was nothing Rico could have done to win it.
Not a single thing can match the OP valiant sniper and you know it.
Tactic… move out of reach and fire 189 drain wepon toghether with 76 drain drone… really hard when you drain 265 each turn.

Give me your mech, then.

You know I don’t even have a horse in this race now. I don’t play seriously I am not in a top clan and I do not try to be a top player. But I do have eyes and observe the game and I used to fight over a 1000 fights a week. You fight 5 times a day and you try to fight the same person @Rising . That being said If they nerf energy mechs much more, well built energy mechs will not be competitive vs well built heat and physical. It is almost to that point now.

LMAO, no coment.
I fight all the tops when i feel like playing.

All of them, how many times i feel like doing it.
This is your interview of me?
Doubtfull of my experience, and combat skill?
How many times did i beat u?

Ohh you beat my phisical… really?
Point proven :wink:
Ps:my phis beats hamza and rico btw :wink:

Cannot drain using 2 ash generators(180 drain a pop), bunker shell(150 drain a pop), 2 valiant snipers(189 drain a pop), and windforge(76 drain a pop). Are u pushing the wepons buttons that fire wepons, or just moving around the map?

You know what I am not going to let you make me mad today. You are a smug, little person and I will not let you upset me. I really don’t care if they nerf energy again I do not play the game seriously anymore anyway. But let me say this energy is the only type that can’t be a top mech without being full mythic, a physical can do it and a heater can do it, they do not need to be 100% mythic to be in the top scores. Why do you hunt me down in forums? I have literally tried to bury the hatchet but that is not good enough for you, you must argue with everything I say and turn every topic I am in into a energy mech topic. What is your problem man?


you say that energy can compete only with that wepon, i say you are wrong.
I say that that energy wepon, the valiant sniper is unbalanced and it needs a nerf because it dominates the game. And evry time i say that you resolve is insults upon insults.
I said it all the time, i will fight imbalances of this game, to help others enjoy it and not feel dominated by items like the valiant sniper, and myth hp plates and protectors.
Evry time i try to show to people that this need to be fixed, you show up and say that i am wrong, and insult me, my builds, or my style of play.
I can not stand by and see the lies that you try so hard to spread about me, or about the items that need to be fixed, just so people get frustrated about them.
I recive requests upon request to help players with their build, with they improving their playstyle or their mechs.And I, in my humble experience, can not find a counter to the valiant sniper, or 340 hp diference that is given by these items(excepting incredibly niche builds, that need a certain start).
I have no beef with you, neither with your arrogance and condescending tone to others, nor with the insults that you throw around like pebbles, i chose to ignore them, but i will persue the imbalance of certain items, and aspects of this game, no matter whom defends them.[quote=“ToxicDoll, post:87, topic:5945”]
Your physical is a shitty design its energy sucks.

none of my mechs have 600 energy, and you called me

I am a race horse ;), at least some parts are…

Nope, sarcasm is my language, insults on the other hand are yours.

@El_Metre im just going to block you…

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One more time you are 100% correct !

He came in here into this topic without any contribution to the subject, once more - as now so often, only with the target to provoke you.
You can cleary see it in this topic.

No more words are neede - you @ToxicDoll did the absolute right thing, ignoring is the best solution, because he will NEVER stop doing it !