>implying we can discuss catfish

Ok so let’s talk about the amount of players pretending to be female, in Super Mechs.

Zarc female in soul.

prove that you are female

I am not a female and never claimed to be

That’s bull you told me you were :joy:
Your thread on here “>implying we can discuss catfish”

You catfish me saying that you were female.

1 . ^ I called you miss, you said nothing there…

2 . ^ Aw you know what? You probably just don’t read messages that was also there for you…

“Miss” has more than one meaning. And the SM community isn’t exactly known for using words right or the right words.

I am the creater of this post


And i am no faggit. And there is clear evidence all over the forum of me being a dude


sad ^
But okay then…

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