Increasing number of grey cards is quite disturbing

Tacticsoft is very analytical at times, and I have to admit, I would have been fooled many times by its clever strategies had it not been for other players looking out for the same things.

Sorry for repeating this for the third time, but I absolutely NEED to emphasize its importance:

Do you think this is a coincidence? Of course not. T-Soft would never do such a thing if it were meant to be pointless. They are using the game to keep track of the progress of their twisted plan to corrupt our minds.

It is a self-feeding cycle. More soulless cards, more money spent to get good boxes, resulting in players eventually becoming full-on addicts. Those add on to the pile of commons, and it goes on and on. The few legendaries found are dying and fading away.

Get help. Distract yourself. Put on a tin foil hat. Do anything you must. Book a vacation. Read a book. Write a book. Book a vacation for your book. But please, for the sake of all gamers ever, DO NOT LOSE YOUR SOULS TO THIS GAME. We must persevere to fight the wicked scheme that this evil company, Tacticsoft, has dragged us into.

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You are hella right, some players got addicted already


ami I did not do very well when you get a legendary think of an abomination a burst of magma a charge etc … but nobody spares a power kit that is very low :confused: