Inventory Limit Should be Higher + Poll +

I’m on the same Titanic as you and it’s going down quick, DAM TS iceberg.

I shredded so much already and still have left over.

We don’t need to buy premium boxes anymore right…
So we don’t need space for any new items…
Great logic TS…

I guess discussions are falling on deaf ears?

21 days ago = “ElcentHead of the BDA” “Just found out that there are on going discussions today about the inventory limit. These talks are to optimise the limit and are still very much in the discussion stage.”

What kind of discussion takes that long? I was even hopeful that they were done with the discussion and implemented a solution with the new update…

Isn’t it funny that the ones with the most items in inventory are the old players? I wonder if the paying players even have a lot of inventory in backlog… Does that mean that there will be no more purchases?

I read somewhere that buying inventory space also increases in cost over time… Really??

oki the item limit needs to be higher, because:
1.You can not have 3-6 built mechs, and some spare wepons/modules to adapt them.Space needed 66-132.
2. you can not maximize the fusion on category because the lack of space, damn if you have 6 mechs built, you can’t do anything.
3. Even perk items count as items.
4. Powerkits and color kits should not count as items, towords item limit.
5.Given the fact that some of us burned their items befor the first item limit was over, 2 months ago.Heving paid alot of gold/tokens transformed to gold and then burning items like crazy, this was done befor the item converter.The item converter adds a small bonus when converting legacy into powerkits(3-5%), the player that have manualy burned the items, missed out on the bonus… no compensation for them?
6. The players that have alredy burned the items, and went thru alot of effort into doing so, what will happen to them now? i feel that if they would have known that the grace periode get’s extended and extended, they would have used those items in other way.
make the item limit bigger.

  1. for lvls under 45 - 150 item limit.
  2. lvl 45-70 - 200 item limit.
    3 lvl 70-120 - item limit 250.
  3. lvl higher then 120 - item limit 300.
    These numbers are nice and good, and allows us to actualy work with the curent sistem of fusion and builds. Alows the higher lvl players to have some flexibility, and also encourages people to lvl up.

Very good points!

The increase in item limit as one progresses in the game is good. The higher level you are, the more mech slots you have, and the more items you’ll have as options.

The Developers of the game need to make a decision sooner, because as you have said - there are players that worked hard to get within the item limit. Getting it extended over and over again is like being kicked in the nuts after all that work.

Also, I would suggest that the purchase of inventory space should not increase after every purchase. Make it fixed, so that it can be something that most players can save up to if they want more space. Daily F2P players earn at least 10 tokens (?) for daily missions. If inventory space cost keeps increasing - progression will be very slow, frustrating and boring. Casual players would probably drop the game. Heck, even veteran players are getting frustrated…


atleast 500-750
post should be atleast 20 words

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No solution in sight ?


daily quest “Obtain 20 items” not possible to do !

No daily quest “Obtain 20 items” = No daily quest “Finish all daily missions” possible to do = no 10 tokens per day we WOULD work for !



Hence our account will be in lockdown… :confused:

This increasing price of inventory space is really frustrating. And with the lockdown, I can’t earn daily 10 tokens to even save up…

Goodness! 1,188 over the limit!

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I disagree.

Let the limits how they are.

I like what you did @Mohadib :slight_smile:

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Lemme get an item doe

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That must be a very long discussion !

You see, Elcent, I am a very positive person, otherwise I could not be in the Top 5 of a real sport, also I would have been not able to win the weekly tournament from SuperMechs 24 times !

But what makes us players - not only me - thinking negative about tacticsoft are exactly such things …

  • bug reported weeks ago, just now read that it still exist.

  • items limit, solution promised, also now weeks ago

That would be absolute NO problem, because everybody need the time for good work, BUT if you have expierenced a game breaking glitch report (FREE boxes), that took nearly a year to be fixed …

… or like the whole “Shiro” clan case, where everybody knew most of their accounts were cheated, and it needed months to investigate and ban this accounts …

… top of that you dont get any answer from the tacticsoft team, to the top thread of this forum, which simple questions, IF their will be MAYBE a on going discussion about to compansate ALL players for their thousands of $ they invested and for their years they invested into this game, special if I tried to give some “solution”-suggestions …

MAYBE then you would also be a little bit negative !


Around 20 - 30 weekly tournaments results are totally falsified because of this very long “reaction”-time !

And thats ALL we play this game for … the weekly tournaments !

And no, I dont let count the saying, “because we are very small team”, because this very small team can manage to make one design upgrade after the next, or a really huge game-change update like SuperMechs reloaded.

Just that taticsoft team and you know from where this “negative” feelings come from.
It is not us being bad bad bad players going after tacticsoft, it is the doings from tacticsoft, which makes us negative thinking !

I can very good “judge” this, because I play also other games, and I can promise you, most of the things there run totally different (like reports, questions, e-mails, etc.).
Due to my sport I dont need to work, but have a lot of training, and also a lot of regeneration, so I find a lot of time to play !


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yes ....................................................... of course!
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I reported bugs ~1 year ago and they arent still fixed…


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But hey, they can still do sales and have new tech like higher drop rates for a new item - at a time when most people can’t even open the boxes because they have too many items!


i am sure that this option is the solution for the limit inventory



Even without powerkits included in the count, quite a few people go over the limit by about 3000. Why not just remove the dumb limit? People were able to play just fine without it. Or if its necessary because of server strain or something, make it 1000 or something.


I think you did not understand the approach,

There is a legacy converter that transforms all the legacy items into powerkits and only leaves the items of this version, when transforming them they go to the powerkits container
if they do not take that container to limit the problem it is solved …


No. The problem is not solved. Because the legacy converter is a dumb trick on SM’s part (i fell for it. Lost my 1kg teleports and my legendaries i could have used to level up after-update legendaries). There are a lot of good legacy items (utility) that can still be used or even weapons or legs that can be used until you max some after-update part. And it is much better to use the items to level stuff instead of converting them to power kits.


You can guess 3 times why !
I help a little bit …

  • it cost tokens to raise the items limit

  • tacticsoft want to FORCE you to spend tokens (money), to “solve” this item limit by yourself

  • because its logic, new items (!!!), 6 mech slots, legacy items, etc etc etc NO way to stay under 150 items all the time

So tacticsoft tries very hard to FORCE players to spend, which lead to a very bad taste !!!

BUT I know now so many many other games …

  • there you GET GOOD STUFF for your money !

  • they do NOT try to force players to spend

  • players spend on FREE will there cos you get somehting for your money

SO I will NEVER EVER understand that earnings-management from tacticsoft, which leads to a angry, negativ player base - special if you cut the power of 4 years from veteran players !!!

Soft tactic ?

I always thought to have a good tactic is something good !?

And once more, I am NOT a negative person, the total opposite, but it is the doings from tacticsoft, which make US players thinking negative about !


Solution :

Give the players GOOD STUFF for their money, make them HAPPY , like …

  • remove item limit
  • remove boosting costs
    … which both WOULD lead that ALL players have access to good stuff !

AND a side-effect WOULD be, that players would START spending money on FREE will (even we would - my sponsor and me), AND you would make YOUR players HAPPY !

P.S.: chances from boxes are stiill not shown (cos you mentioned the “trick” thing)

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Overwatch got a universal drop rate for its boxes.

That is whats needed for SuperMechs.

@Sarah247 Could you communicate that for the team?