Just beat my old legacy rank


don’t mind the Canadian flag, it’s just my VPN


Gratz! :sparkles::boom::sparkles::dizzy:


VPN is not allowed!


I can remember when i was in the top 100 for a short time :slight_smile: That was an amazing feeling -.-


Congrats, Voltaire. I still haven’t beaten my record of #3 online before SMReloaded.

I seriously don’t know how the hell I got that close to #1, it’s not like I was a good player XD


This is SM, not battledawn buddy


You didn’t read the rules, Lol.


Keep quiet Mr. Alien Coin !


Don’t worry.


Yes, but if they do not execute the noncompliance of rules, the best rules will not help …

  • multi-accounting

  • third party programs

  • third party pilots

  • cheating items

  • cheating campaign

  • cheating levels

  • cheating whole accounts

  • etc.



@KilliN I’m not using VPN to circumvent a ban so… I’m fairly certain it’s allowed and if not, I’m doing no harm ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


“i don’t break the rules to get banned” Lol


Still no warning from staff…funny


But you don’t get banned either way, so all gud meng.


@KilliN you’re one to talk about following rules



I did cheats lol everyone know.


Do what I say, do not do what I do.


So you get a kick out of being a hypocrite?


No Lol


k then
good talk

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