Legendaries in boxes?


If anyone ever opened boxes/packs recently , do you find any legendaries ? which give better chances of legendaries , prenium boxes or prenium packs ? please comment below , much appreciated
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I always say premium packs because I have never gotten a legendary in a premium box…

But apparently the chances are the same

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I got 2 legendaries from a premium pack. None from boxes.

So I think packs have a higher chance of legendary


A couple boxes but only got epics outta them…


Premium box and premium pack’s legendary chance is same
but premium pack cost less tokens for 5 cards


if it is a help, that since the new release i’ve got only 2 legendary items so far…cant imagine how it is translate to percentage of chance…


The average from Premium Pack is around 1 Legendary out of 1 Pack.

@Mordulec posted same experience somewhere :exclamation:

Sometimes you have 3 Premium Packs in a row with only Epic in it.
Sometimes you have 1 Premium Pack with 3 or 4 Legendaries in it.

My expierence is avarage 1 Legendary out of 1 Premium Pack :exclamation:



I don’t really know. I have gotten rolling beasts from premium packs, but I also gotten Desert Fury in premium boxes (Just today actually) And also…
How did you get those gifs?


I have gotten 2 legendary out of boxes and none out of packs hopes that helps.


Metal Slug Attack’s multiple sprites putted together into an animation


That saying about some system like in heartstone, if you isn’t get legendary chance to get them in next pack increases( or it nonsense and we have pseudo-random)


WHAT?!? I’ve only gotten legendaries from boxes. Out of all 3+ packs I opened I got no legendaries (or anything good for that matter).


This is the legendary I get…After over a month in which i got NONE (and even bought around 15 prem boxes,all of them dropped epics).

Plus,this is the second Desert Sh!t I obtain…More like Lake’s Fury as I am so not satisfied with this piece of crap.


The chances are per card, so it’s basically the same according to the price.


I guess its true that opening boxes are all depeneded on luck

UPDATE : Please post what you have got from boxes/packs here with your own specific levels for me to calculate if levels and ranks affect your chances of legends


no…it is a pre-determined percentage by the dev’s…:slight_smile:


Quick response and to the point…

The system is random, it can touch you gold or manure.

Personally, since they updated the game months ago, I won legendary only in Premium Box, Boxes of Fortune, and Daily Bonus, among other epic items of recycling, here I show you some of my, treasures?

As I mentioned before, all that since they updated for the first time the new items.

All won, or purchased with tokens obtained by viewing ads.

Here some of my purchases:

Good luck friend!


I want those rolling beasts and spartan carnage so bad!