Looks like they nerfed energy weapons

Besides, look at the top rankings. To date i’ve seen a pretty even mix of builds occupying the top spots, it’s not like the top 10 are all energy mechs.

I need 500 heat and 200 cool down to face a good heat build your build is not a good heat build you use all high damage low heat weapons like shotgun and death punch. Your build tries to use high damage to beat energy types not overheat and shutdown. Cilius has a good heat build for shutting down a mech. Show me 1 energy mech in the top 25 that has 190 heat 60 cool down… I can show you other mechs in the top 25 that have 190 energy though.

If I had 190 heat your mech would shut me down every time I fought you.
And if I came in here and complained ppl would tell me my heat it to low…

I am not saying your build is bad, it is actually very strong, just not super strong vs high heat energy types.
And you are always top 25, usually top 10 are you complaining because you are not #1?

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Not to say, you exhaust me the energy and your weapons hit harder. If I pass your max heat, my weapons will strike just like if I didn´t.

My death punch hits max. 640 and never more than that. I have received energy death puch hits of more than 800.

Yes you are right that is the strength of a energy mech they hit hard after they drain to 0. I can never lock you up and just pound on you as you skip your turn that is the strength of heat mechs…
And you can still fire your death punch at 0 energy I can not so if i have 0 energy im helpless and if i’m overheated im helpless…
Imagine if you had to overheat your opponents before you did good damage…

This is ASA’a heat and energy if he used 0 energy weapons he would be near unbeatable.

Why u looking to start a catfight? The nerf is still there by the way… it just isnt on the ash generator. It is still on malice and hysteria… and i find that disturbing and unfair. Focuse your energy on things that are important and constructive not “schooling” others like that. If Little Panther had another magma blast, instead of top wepon… you would join the band of the ones that call the nerf on heat builds.
Here is my take on things, there are OP premium wepons, that are better then the regulars… they are the real myths. You pack 95% of those on your build… myth plates, myth protector, valiant sniper, ash generator.You win because of those…on equal ground what would happen?

She has 190 energy and can’t figure out why she gets drained so easy…
I am not trying to start a fight I told her her build is very strong just not strong vs high heat energy types…
And I do not call for bans on heat builds, I fight I win or lose that is how the game works…
And most of her weapons are premium she has shotgun and death punch…

If I complained my 190 heat was not strong enough you would call me a noob not jump to my defence…
And I didn’t start nothing I was reading the new stuff that was said between her and tin can after my post so I responded…

And I used to beat her with the exact same weapons she has, so on equal ground I owned her and sent her to the forums to complain about not being able to beat a similar armed mech…

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Sorry but the builds arent on par. 2 premium wepons against 5? And no myth plates… and you call equal builds… come one… put on epic plates… you would drop to 1700hp…and work from there.
There isnt equality between builds, as long as one module gives 315 hp and the other 145 hp.
On the other hand there are guys out there that run builds without premium myths and still make dents in the tops… to all those… i salute you, you are the heroes … for showing that little guys can dream big.
And like i said the nerf is still there… just not on the premium wepons.

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My old shotgun build only had 2 premium weapons which is when she posted that.
I was having the same problem she is now with my old shotgun build. shotgun is low energy drain, high damage so I could not 0 out corrupt light users and they always beat me. But instead of coming to forums and saying they should nerf them I changed my build.

The nerf is only in campaign not in PVP I tested it with premium and non premium weapons.

And very few of the top players have 0 premium items your little panther included.

How many epic plates is she using 4, 5? her hit points are almost 2000
My HP were 1700 forever, and to get mine to 2010 I had to drop my mythic protection and use 2 mythic plates.

Now she has 2100 hitpoints I find it hard to believe she has no mythic plates…

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@ToxicDoll you are absolute right !
Many of strange people just do arguments, to try to have right, even they are not.


None actualy… none she has none.
@bestplayerintheworld and you droped by just as a fly?
Do provide arguments… regarding energt wepons nerf.
I say this the nerf is there… just not for the ash genetor… prove me wron.
@ToxicDoll do look into that myth plates thing… its just math.

Unfortunately I do not have 1 single mythical HP module. Nothing.

I do magic with what I have.

As TinCan says, there is no mech that can be with everyone. If your mech is good against 2 types, it´s already excellent. Increasing energy means for me to lower the HP to 1700 and that doesn´t make me competitive against anyone.

At least I sacrifice against the strong energys, but I respond a little better vs. phys and heats.

But I still insist there is imbalance.

I never said you are weak Wepwawet you are one of the strongest mechs in the game in my opinion.
But you complain that when you fight a mech that is equal to yours like mine you lose and as @El_Metre so eloquently pointed out your mech is not equal to mine. If it was you would win about half the time like other people who have mechs equal to mine, like Mitch as an example he beats me about half the time.
I guess what irritates me about you is, you refuse to look at your build as anything but perfect and if you lose it is not it’s fault. You complain others are either OP and need to be nerfed or you accuse them of cheating.

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Prove me wrong I alredy did the tests… The nerf is only in campaign and it still affects ash creators in campaign… In pvp there is no nerf. …


No!! If I lose is the fault of El Metre that was the one that helped me to “improve” the mech …

Thank u Pasha!! :wink:

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You would of had me last time we fought if you had your utility weapons your old 1900 hp build is much better than your new 2100 build in my opinion (at least vs me, you will do much better vs physicals now). :sparkling_heart:

Your new build runs into the same weakness I have, once you fire your death punch you have a blank range spot (also vs me) with others you have your physical grenade launcher to cover it. if you can get a 0 energy Sorrow I would replace the grenade launcher with it. It is 2-4 range heat weapon that uses 0 energy.

You & Mitch are also the only people I fight that takes advantage of my weakness Wep, others just stand in one spot and fire no clue why they don’t take advantage of my weak spot though…

My Sorrow is only level 1 legendary.

Toxic … I really appreciate all your indications, but I would like to leave 2 or 3 things clear:

  1. I am not interested in building a mech to beat you. I have at least 100 more chances of other players and I have to think about being competitive with at least 90% of them. Besides, as there is no evil that for good does not come, due to this imbalance the strong energys are always higher than me, so when I lose I don´t lose too much.

  2. My mech is not finished yet, it’s just a project that still lacks some things.-

  3. I choose my teachers and I am very selective for that.-

That being said, to good understander, few words suffice.

Good luck!

There will ALWAYS be an “unbalance” !

  • a 100% balance is NOT possible

  • it is on purpose to have an unbalance

  • a 100% balance would only be possibe if all play with same weapons / mechs AND both could start the battle at same time :laughing:

  • there will always be 1 dominating build, if you change things about that, an other build will be best

^^ if you think about these facts, no need to discuss days about a balance in game

singing money money money


You have a very strange and own truth !


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Haha, when I try to be friendly with you, you act like I insult you.
I give up.


u should gave up a long time ago…JK :slight_smile:

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looks like they nerfed everything…

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