Major Update - Auto Pilot!

wuao your thanks for your answer, I take out what has been said about the testers.

However, if it is as you say, it is evident that they are only using them.

What to participate if they do not take into account their opinions as testers ?.

just to justify the changes alleging: “they were proven by yourselves”

and it makes very clear the intentions to go each day decreasing the ability to play and improve, so that there is no other way to buy tokens. in addition to demoralize the few players who still maintain faith and love for this game.

if they want, I will give them the option:

1.- open the weapons shop again.

2.- place each weapon the price in tokens. (100, 200, 500) and resolved issue.

3.- the other weapons put a price on them in gold.

So whoever wants to be will have to buy to have it, but at least he will know that his investment will be the right one. buy what you need. Or is it that you go to the supermarket to buy chicken and you have to open a box to see if the chicken comes out?
they open the box and they get tomatoes and onions, they keep opening until some day they get the chicken …


Yes, they didnt thought that far.

This argument they brought do not work in any way :exclamation:

Under the line …

  • an other downgrade, nicely packaged, and tried to sell it as positive :exclamation:


I don’t even mind buying the boxes to get the chicken but what worries me is, once I get the chicken will they turn it back into a tomato with some random nerf update?


i always use to finish the fuel and again fill it
i farmed in campaign

But be an opportunist and contrary to the choir to say that the update is good.
The convenience, reduction of expenses of time, the ability to do parallel others.

That is the message - enough to wither in the game, look there in real life too many interesting.

The decrease in fuel will make more carefully planned and disciplinarum.
And then, it touched not just each player, but also all of his opponents in the game.
In any case clearly makes it pointless writing scripts for farming in favor of any cheaters.
And geeks are now the night to put three alarms, so it didn’t sparkle, instead of sitting 12 hours in front of the monitor.

Maybe there’s time to decorate the Christmas tree :christmas_tree:

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I worked for 4 months to get to 87 for my 106 fuel - that i would use as a meditative portion of my day.

you STEAL 43 FUEL … That means you have also stolen from me my ability to make as much money as i need - daily to finish maxing my mech. -

I do not understand the logic behind this.

give an option if you need -

eg. to purchase this Novel AUTO Mode - as i would not and do not want it .

yet so many are being penalized for your expectation that people actually wanted this instead of fuel. - where was the poll - where did you ask the community YOU DID NOT.

these are the consistently arbitrary decisions that you make. that was the good will toward you dwindle every single day

as you never do. I was part of the testers group and if i had known , that your AUTO was a cover to STEAL from people - i would have let you know right then and there - but no -

You weren’t transparent in your intentions. this sucks.

And what will your response be to yet another outcry from people? silence again…

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Sooner or Later


Exactly that! Plus, my boss, I guess you can open up a fortune teller’s booth:

I call this “when an image says more than a thousand words”

excellent point exposure

BUT this is only for the FIRST log in.

2nd log in will cost 50 tokens :grey_exclamation:

3rd log in will cost 100 tokens :exclamation:

This game is now such a huge J O K E :grey_exclamation:

Let’s make this joke (game) perfect and WE ALL let @Wepwawet win her first Single Gold Medal (after she spent $15000), next day … game is gone, because no one plays it anymore :exclamation:



Why do you have to go personal in this topic too?

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This game is so bad, that even the main developer places an image with legacy models. at least take the trouble to make an image adapted to the current version with current models, insurance you had to pay for the designer !, (pay with tokens, or maybe you need “luck” and open many boxes? so you get an image. this image is a rare level, you have to pass it to epic then legendary and finally mythical, then raise it to 50 levels, good luck!) You should have a little decency and respect for the supermechs players, if you have not noticed thanks to us. you bring the daily bread to your home!



@Mordulec jhonny said Sarah and Mohadib are gonna answer here.

Because she loves me. She/he cannot live without me. Think of me at every moment. She is my fan Nr. 1 and cannot bear to be ignored.
She sends me PM in the chat, invites me to play, she mentions me in the forums … let her, all his hate is love. :cupid:


Wep, you sound like a truly experienced woman. I am sure you make an excellent wife. And the most important thing in life is to understand that all the hate comes out of love. It took me 17 years to master this secret knowledge, but now, since I am on the bright side of the force, my life is finally great. And finally I am able to predict my wife’s reations! And act accordingly! Great stuff!


We didn’t test the Fuel Nerf xDDDD
Normally, i used all the energy 2-3 times a day and if i wanted to upgrade an item, refilled 1-2 times…
Thx for killing the game little by little, i was happy playing this again after some months, but now… seeing you nerfed the drops (too much), fuel, and raised the price of a refill… probably i will quit (again)…
I would prefer if they just quit the “Auto-play” and get us fuel cap back…


I just to know - it’s one bouquet or more bunch? :sweat_smile:

sorry for offtopic I couldn’t resist :joy:

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All three of us have been bickering in other threads it bleeds over sometimes… Im upset over the stupid update people will never catch up to me if TS keeps making it so hard for F2P haha. Cursed to never get a match I am :no_mouth:
But yeah I have a grudging respect for @Wepwawet I just disagree with her on some points… and I adore @bestplayerintheworld she has always been super nice to me,

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Nope I think she hit it on the head in her own way, super mechs is a joke and it’s not funny. I fear I have wasted all the money I wasted on this game haha.