Matchmaking still taking forever

Well you should’ve said that. Telling someone that they make you laugh when they are not trying to be funny is insulting…
It is called talking down to people and you do it a lot.

It should not take that long @El_Metre with over 400 people in lobby I feel your pain It takes me forever just to get my 5 fights. …

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It’s a game, I should laugh all the time. Nothing here is really serious.

You reminded me of the question a student asked once, why the deities of war are almost always women. And I answered him, because the woman is a mother and the mother has power over the life and death of her children. “She can both give life and take it away, unless the child is faster …” lol

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It is a game but with real people with real emotions and real feelings. You should remember you are not talking to machines you are talking to human beings. Just because you call it a game does not give you the right to be insulting.

It takes insanely long. It is very frustrating. I dont care who is on . I fight what I have to the best of my ability. Matchmaking is taking far too long to wait for.

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@ToxicDoll she didn’t mean it as offense anyways, also it was not an insult, she just forgot to set the comma, which would have been good in this case …

she ment “make me laugh a little, Toxic”, not “little Tosic”


But as you said correct @ToxicDoll better to stay topic …

16 days ago …

we will see if I was right …

IF they would have 1000 or more players online same time, it would be no problem, but they dont have - SuperMechs isn’t so big at the moment.


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Oh I see, thank you Michelle <3

Sorry @Wepwawet I misread it. I hate being called little haha. I’m only 5 foot 4 and I get it all the time. Sorry <3


What only happens to those in rank 1? that’s bad because the funny thing is that you just barely enter for a battle and you have a person who wants to fight and not be waiting half a century

You do actualy realise that i am 1.95m tall, so to mee most people lool little, but i often call others little one in a very protective way. Wep does it in the same way, in a motherly way, like an endearment.
I find it nice to see people refer to other in that manner, shows affection and carresing, dont you?

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It depends If I am a close friend to the person it is nice but if it is acquaintances or even worse rivals I find it demeaning.
Text is a poor way to communicate, one can say something and mean it to be funny or loving but because it is text it goes wrong. It was all a misunderstanding anyway. Sorry @Wepwawet

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Yes, but if I were Toxic’s mother, I would already have her in the Military School to learn discipline …

You do not know me haha. You have no clue who I am, I did 4 years in the US Navy to pay for my school which is how I injured my back. I do not respect people that do not respect me… With me people have to earn respect…


I only find Wepwawet in 2v2 lol but i cant kill her (sorry :D)

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Her wep is female :slight_smile:

How good!! We have something in common. I have 20 years in Navy!

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We actually have a lot in common if we could put this game into perspective and stop being turds to each other I think we could be friends <3
The Navy is how I have been to so many places in the world. Who ever said getting there is half the fun never served on a ship haha.
I was a MSSN lol that means I was an e3 cook haha. I worked in the wardroom though so I am a decent cook when I got out I cooked locally for a few years now I am a full time student and make money on the side doing stuff from home.

Everything is possible … but there is as incompatibility of personalities. We may not be enemies, but friend is something else.

Maybe, really I don’t care one way or the other… I am just trying to hand you an olive branch…

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Let her be a LITTLE grumpy, that’s normal with that age :exclamation:



When I enlisted in Navy I was studying Law. I did 4 years of Advocacy and then I dedicated myself to Archeology. So everything I studied was while I was in Navy. They respected me a lot for that. My work was always administration. I came to have a position of trust.