~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~



At the top of this thread look under the drop down menu of TORSO you’ll see GrimReaper those numbers are MYTHICAL MAXED LVL50


Thanks - I keep seeing requests in this thread for stats which are clearly in the OP.


31/31 230 - 283 Reckless Beam 4-8 Range
No one has it because its a really bad top weapon

what are OP ?


Original Post?

Some questions about Torso’s and such.

Reckless Beam clearly not in the OP :slight_smile:


Can you link the OP?




Missing ultra bright , please add it please


If you face anyone where they have it maxed (or any other missing weapon) please take a screenshot and I will add it.


From Player - Possible Cabbage on Kong


Just wondering, what are the premium-tier version of the Crazed Repeater and Headhunter ?


Gaaahhhh i want this i need this… ow, there are nothing to get legends now…


this conversation is very useful, i have been reading it from the beginning. upto now i see that this post is really active, what if not. developers , please see the hardwork here, put these screenshots as a part of the game somewhere so that we don’t have to search for it[make those posts with more than 200 threads stay in some part of the forum], before this thread becomes inactive; further look at the number of replies --293; you should do this very soon.


I dont know the one for crazed repeater.
but for head hunter its chaos bringer or something


I saw it for CB, but still dunno for Premium CR…Thanks anyway ^^


Crazed Repeater’s premium tier - BigDaddy (as seen from Mordulec’s video)



dont you know how to find what you need?? I’ve posted this a few messages ago


heehee but i still want it
its so symetrical
im planning to use it for my physical mech with seraph blade for badass looking
its just that i loved yoshimo x
and i still think the reason it is leg-myth is personal to make me buy xD


im wondering why heat drones are so heavy 45kg for all (except swoop)
if we compare these with energy drones and physical drones this dont have sense

the relation should be 6 kg more than the energy version
Clash 36kg
Nemo 35 Kg
Murmur 36Kg