~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


They are the heavier drones because they do not care that they take away the energy because they do not need a very high weight but they serve because most of the heat type occupy only 3 heat weapons wait … I occupy more than normal xD



That was too damn quick.


Guys anyone have mythical armor disolver? Im still waiting for it :slight_smile:


You mean armor annihilator? Idk i’m waiting too -.-


Earlier today i was Fighting someone with a maxed Reckless Beam.



…20 char.


so the star over the triple bars is the logo of lvl 50 of an item ?


That I’m not sure of, but i noticed that it was black.


It could be, but I asked, so I could see even if there is a camo on it ^^


I could of totally maxed this one out but I didn’t get to play the mission and the item didn’t come early enough :confused:


Hey guys,

Lets keep this thread solely about the mythical max stuff and less about each other please?


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Note: the teleport is called “advanced teleporter” ^^


max mythical windigo


trying to get max mythical malice beam


Windigo and malice beam are both accounted for in the first post.


@Andernut Zarkares is a heat torso, you grouped it with physicals :smile:




Why torso have his own profile on forum?