Maximum score of a Raid


Horray…lol (20 stupid words)


Tip: Take individual screenshots of each hackers score, their mech, and then one of the mechs, maybe the boss, from the raid and that mechs stats. Then, pm it to sarah and explain why that score is not possible
When I did that for a hacker, I got him banned.


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Now is got some knowledge about the RAID.

And I have the same question as many other players have.

Why do you let cheaters to continue playing, and win the best prizes?

Like this guy : "xXx"
He has no Mythical items and has the best score?
A lot of players said it is not possible to get best score.

Can you add a video reply to every players highest score?

Containing her/hes battles on the field she/he made the highest score.

That would help a lot for for everyone, except cheaters / hackers.

Thank you!

HP legendary Plate Raffle

Pm these to sarah along with a screenshot of one of the mechs of the raid to show why a perfect score would not be possible.
When I pmed her, the hacker was banned.


Who :question:


His name was napoleon, this was a month ago.


And I just pmed her about projectbot with all sorts of evidence, hope it works


Great, don’t forget @Fluxeon and @KilliN, both are in a Top Clan (2nd best), they should be role models, instead of cheating the system with 3rd party programs :exclamation:



That is a big project cause they are top players, it is harder to prove…but next week i will not miss a day and get to raid 6 so I can screenshot each and every mech.


@Sarah247 @Mohadib why do you give tokens to these liars, cheaters, exploiters?


I support you about this 100%, because more obvious cheating is not possible :exclamation:

Also it is an impudence from them, because they do it now since weeks and they even don’t care that everybody, incl. devs can see it :exclamation:



Miron if you’re a normal dude you need to kick this cheater from the clan=) Show an example of the rest…
Мирон у тя в клане завелась крыса, я надеюсь ты примешь правильное решения и покажешь пример остальным…
Miron cha in the clan got a rat, I hope you will take the right decisions and show an example to the rest…


I worry more about the 3 Reign Reforged members :exclamation:



Nagi PLEASE ENGLISH, not all understand Russian( ПОЖАЛУЙСТА) upd: sorry isnt seen eng insert


Cyka bltyat launguage.


Several times I was invited to join Reign Reinforced, I will never do it, because @Lannister supports deceivers, cheaters, exploiters… @bestplayerintheworld I’d at least kicked from the clan Koneko_chan-0258, he bought a hacked account…


How you will know this :question:

Please no accusations without any clear prove :exclamation:

The Raid thing proves it self …

  • its clear math

  • its clear logic

  • its clear knowledge, because we self have also best equipment



The latest came yesterday, and he admitted to me that he bought the account for 500 rubles (9$) and sold this account one and the same person!!!
Bad that you don’t know Russian
niko-chan 1
niko-chan 3
Do you still have doubts?


Only because they have simular names, does not mean all cheats :exclamation:



Just… A big proof


(with niko-chan, but oni-chan?)