Mech of the Month first competition


Quadra Squad :eyes:


We are friends now


we are so manly <o/




sorry wrong




when I got a lightning supporter




best mech ever


contest postponed till april 15. Not enough mechs



the two mechs I’m using rn


How the hell did you get 4 platinum platings


luck of the draw, my darling.

got them all from the boxes we got at the start of reloaded.

still don’t have a myth multi res mod, though.


I have a lvl40 legendary one :slight_smile: but no platinum plats :frowning:


46 PM

ok jokes aside my actual mech


Lol,that’s my build.
Don’t try to take the OP-ness for yourself!


This is going to be amazing when maxed.


I feel like this could be achieve with different parts.

See with this build, I can pack on either more HP, more energy, more protection, or another weapon. While maintaining pretty damn good stats.

I also did some number checks with your builds…

Energy total is 334 with a 154 regen total.
Heat is 371 with 211 cooling.
And a total of 1988 hp with four plates + iron boots.


Mine, which is

371 energy with a 148 regen total.
490 heat with 259 cooling.
And a total of 2049 HP with 3 plates + iron boots.

I’m not trashing on your build. I actually quite like it, just not really maxed maxed for me. I do love seeing these creative builds though. Since mine, obviously isn’t custom at all.


Indeed,yours is much better.
I know you weren’t trying to trash mine.It’s just that I’d trade a little stats for a 4 weapon build,plus it looks amazing.It’s more for show-off :slight_smile:
Keep in mind the 20% stat boost (although,it won’t be too significant of an improvement).
Also,I have a similar Zarkares phys build in my setup but I wanted to diversificate it a little.
Plus,you don’t see a Sith physical every day.
(I got sick of the Windigo build.Sith fits better)


True to everything you said.

And I had been running a NE but I removed it for HP. Although if I wanted to, I could add it. But eh, HP suits me, plus that mech is just for 2v2 (when fully completed it should be more than enough).

And the 19% (it’s 19%), boost will be major actually. Especially the resist upgrades. They not only give you more resist, but they also add more resist drain to your weapons.