💰 Event - Gold Portal 💰

Try playing each level though,

I played each one and got 14k from normal, 30k from hard and 60k from insane. Perhaps its also random as to what you get?

They should multiply the gold you can get from the mission by 5… so instead of 9650… you can get… 4 million a mission. :slight_smile:


So it is only for gold? No item drops?

yes ! its really bad

We should make a vote!!

I’d rather have fusion fuel… but i guess it helps those who needs gold to fuse…

thin I no longer have refill:grimaçant:

Yes the math behind is again strange …

1st Insane

47125 Gold

2nd Insane

28150 Gold

3rd Insane

69650 Gold

4th Insane

9650 Gold

Which math can explain that :question:

BUT since I am so good for the community …

  • help all players to find the Gold Portal Event

  • annouced it here so all players can notice it

  • showed them how much Gold they can get

… I feel so great :exclamation:

Even greater since I smashed the CYBER GOAT, so I am now the …

bestGOAToftheworld :exclamation:

In our country there is a saying :

"What goes around comes around"
“As you shout into the woods, so it echoes back out”


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Monkeymath heehehe :smiley:


Nono …

@Mohadib explained it here …

I like most this part …

They use a lot of tricks :exclamation:


Ok so i can barely pass normal. Not sure if i wanna try hard or insane. Rip

And on my new account i created awhile back to play as a free player, i cant even kill 3 enemies on normal.

To finish insane I spent 20T to revive my mech. For me it is just one time offer. :slight_smile:

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Did you purposely flip the image upside down? Cheeky

Make sure to adjust your normal mech for campaign. I suggest high resistance and health and a lot less cooling and regen.

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thanks, mate. it helped a bunch. i got rid of every single heat or energy-related module and replaced with all plates and a resistance kit. my torso alone supplies enough energy and heat, so i’m able to not get overheated or lose energy even without the extra modules, and i have WAY more hp and resistance now.

I appreciate they’re trying to do, but they’re consistently missing the boat.

More gold, more epic items, more fusion… none of this matters. They only thing that has a chance to help close the gap is a chance to find legendary/mythical-only items. Even with a fully fused mech, there is literally no way to compete with premium items when you don’t have them.

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Guess 3 times (I think 1 time is enough), why they dont offer them for all players (f2p) :interrobang:


And they - tacticsoft - really are ABLE to make every single time out of a good idea/event, a bad one …

And why when devs “fix” some things, most of the time there is a “nerf” / decrease of the GOOD things for us players involved :question:

Just saw, now 2000 less Gold then before the fix :exclamation:

W H Y :question:

1500 Gold less
1880 Gold less
2250 Gold less

W H Y :question:

Sorry, my understanding for you cutitng again and again and again is F I N I S H E D !

I posted it, because I saw it as something positiv :exclamation:

You managed to turn my thinking for 180 ° :grey_exclamation:

You offer something for “FREE” (with a little effort) and few hours later you decrease it once more (as you did now so many times) !

NO UNDERSTANDING from my side for that actions :exclamation:

Edit :
I “tested” it once more and saw …

  • its a visual mistake/issue, it promise the wrong amount of Gold now …

  • or they plan to reduce it

I dont know, but always so many confusion, cos most of the updates, new things come with issues :grey_exclamation:

Right after I just spent 200 tokens on 230,000 Gold

Just barely beating it on insane mode ( NO TOKENS SPENT ) :smiley:
Beating 9 bots with no fixing boosts? That’s pretty hard