Mordulec is back.... about this video contest


Greetings, Pilots!
I just wanted to inform you that after severe time of storm and violence between me and Tacticsoft, I decided to return to the forum. Before my decision I was infuriated with the TS team (and I still am) for banning me for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. I just kept wondering about my decisions… After all, by banning me from the forum they got rid of their most avid critic and signallist of all bullshit changes they are introducing into the game. So I just said to myself: No way, there must be someone to make the playerbase aware of all the scams… This is why I AM BACK, ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!
And talking about scams, I would like to refer to the video contest. I am currently rank 3, which is a very pleasant surprise. But I also noticed, that people who are before me (Alexander and Dwight) have plenty of voters who created their accounts 2-3 days ago. I do not have to tell you what this means (for those VERY few inept ones: you keep creating new accounts and vote for yourself to boost your position). So, if @Sarah247 along with the team does not figure out any limitations (e.g. only forum users registered BEFORE the contest may participate in voting), I am going to win anyways, because tomorrow morning I will have 100 new voters… What do you think, guys?


Glad to have a valuable person like you back to the community


Welcome back bro!
I agree with this BS that is happening with the video contest.
Wtf! We need fairness in these events. No BS little ******* that create alts just to win some tokens.
I call on @Elcent 's help on this one to help us purge these alts out of the voting on the contest.
@Sarah247 i think that you would agree with Mords proposal that only forum accounts that are older then 2 months should be allowed to vote.
And also that the parricipants that have these kinds of alt’s votes be disqualified, for deploying such malicios and dirty tactics.
Because if a new forum account is created and votes for a certain video… out of the blue, i belive that is the lowest thing to do, and should be punished right away.
PS: @Mordulec you missed the GOAT, and do trust me you could have won it… or atleast fight @Wepwawet in the final.You cost me 3 beers in the illegal betting ring thag Cent is running :wink:


Hi Bro!
I missed all of you a lot, which is yet another argument to come back from the banishment… Anyways, I am glad that I am not the only one to notice the “fishy business” behind the voting scam… And believe me, @El_Metre, I am soo happy I owe you those beers! One day you open the front door of your apartment and see ME with my BEERD:


Yeeee our alarm clock is back ~


Witam pan Mordulec, nie wszystkie starku wypił? :wink:

Why such a fuss about the video, so I’m not interested and don’t follow it and don’t vote accordingly, because it was immediately clear that this is the drоss the outgame.


Metre looking down to me :joy:


No bro, never would i look down to someone.
But you forget that i know the builds… yet i lose the bets. :wink:


Good Joke :exclamation:


Don’t worry, I was just joking :smile:


I know bro. Still got my beers on you. Best do a magic trick and pull a stoned azz whabbit out of a mule’s azz and win GOAT ;).


Beside your always dirty allusions, which may have something to do with your childhood, to win that privat tournament isnt a great achievement.

It is not like you try to sell it as …

… it is a online game, where you click the mouse :exclamation:

So maybe you should wake up of your dream or drink less alcohol :exclamation:


Always nice and glad to be able to help you :exclamation:



Don´t like our private tournament? I don´t like those vulgar signs of admiration of colors, that since you learned to make , you use them in all the messages … and you see, I can stand them like that …


No, you can’t, thats why you reacted :exclamation:



I said before the tournament:

:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

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first tournament.

.- organized by a member of littlelost
.- wins the littlelost leader

second tournament

.-organized by the same littlelost member
.- apparently going the same way as the first tournament apparently will won by another member of littelost (pinky the faithful companion of brain)


Absolute correct :exclamation:

Since Elmetre have / know all builds it is very easy for him to see what build will win and which not.

But he thinks we dont get that.



Nice!! Keep trying … maybe you will succeed and if you celebrate all the messages and the wrong decisions of your boss, maybe you will succeed and can swindle another 1000 tokens … she has a reputation for not giving in easily to false flattery, but you are a artist in that, right? The need has the face of heretic … keep trying and then tell me and we laugh together…


No clue what you want to tell with all this words, can you try again please, use a translater, maybe then we can get the sense of your words :exclamation:


Of course you don´t understand anything! I told you once, before marking “like” and celebrating everything the hunter / shadow / optimus says, you should think twice … because you may not know the whole truth.

They say that the devil knows more for old than for devil


from the creators of “all are cheaters”

now comes in 2018 “the paranoias of wep reloaded” In HD

if they gave medals for undesirable people in the game you would have all the medals, as yesterday happened in the chat in Spanish where the whole community I was happy that welcome to the jungle kick you of the medals top, everyone wanted that to happen. and it happened that generated a massive celebration of the chat. I think you’re not very popular, much less the respect of the community of players of super mechs that’s why they call you “the crazy old cat” or “the oldlady of supermechs” “the rookie with tokens” just to mention some of the many. then it is not us it is a whole community that does not tolerate you