My team is going to be playing M1

Thats what i been playing. The forum


Great game … we should make some prices and rewards for it …

1st and most important suggestion …

  • biggest “Forum abuser”

description :
using it as his personal twitter

Nomination 1

Nomination 2

Nomination 3

Appeals are not possilbe (rule of the forum game) !


what the ■■■■ is this amateur talking just plant in m1 and kill someone

Would be to easy for me (and @Kaen and @Fluffeh and @Misfit) :exclamation:


hold up on the part u beat him before baz pretty sure u got beated 100 times before u should put those into consideration
also ladies and gentleman the biggest noob of all time capo is on m1 plant for a free win of that sucker(since nowadays people aint intrested in real eras)

This domination victory was only half fun, guess telling people I was playing made it worse. Fucking pussies


Well, the game is dead. What did you expect?

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I know the game is dead. Thats why i didnt show up randomly in a world but challenged everyone first. However apparently the ones that are left only want to play dead eras and get highscores

Congrats guys. Bear in mind that not everyone plays 1 tickers though, otherwise I would’ve been happy to try and compete

Not everyone plays a 1 ticker , Not everyone plays a 2 ticker , Not everyone plays a 3 ticker , Not everyone plays a 4 ticker…Not everyone plays Battledawn.

Congratulations, well done!

Who plays BD, lmaooo.

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1 tickers are the most balanced and tryhard worlds. We’re not 15 anymore, we don’t got the time for 6 tickers

Lmao, I thought you quit after that last E1 you lost.

No one plays this game anymore, no one has time and there’s no competition so asking for a “challenge” on a dead game is pretty redundant isn’t it?

I’d still easily keep up with you if we fought on an era if I still had any time to play. Seeing as I live a new lifestyle now it’s pretty hard to get on a computer when you’re working 12-15 hours a day depending on what’s going on.

Hell, I don’t even play normal games on my computer anymore, I bought the new 2DS XL on saturday, shit is lit. I play like fire emblem echoes if I have 1-2 free hours a night.

It’s pretty much impossible to play BD for the next 4 years.

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yeah whatever nigga if i didnt have a pentium D you wouldnt see me here

That was the cringiest thing I have read on these forums, and there are morons literally posting their lolli-waifus.


Hey im a moron literally posting my loli waifu


Yeah well you can go suck a dick then :joy::joy:

I was referring to your post, mate. I interpreted your post as cringe. Everybody else’s posts are just 100% shitposting, yours was more cringe since you seem to be taking this serious.

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yeah well the offer to go suck a dick is still there :joy::joy: