New boxes that aren't photoshoped


So there are new boxes as you see it isn’t photoshoped it is real just make an account and you will se Sarah days it’s an testing soon… yah I’m just saying it isn’t photoshoped


useless update…


Yes I heard this from Sarah also, looks like a good idea, but I’m sure they will somehow screw this one up too.


comeback update?? :confused:


So it’s legit?

20 characterssssssssss


Ye mang but only for new accounts


If you buy an item box does the price increase for that specific type of box or does it increase for all item boxes at once or does it not increase at all?


I see some use in it.
There are boxes for “Torsos and Legs”, “Weapons” and “Specials” but there is no box for “Power Kits”. Therefore those new boxes MUST not contain any of those useless Power Kits.
If that is the case then that alone would make it an advantage.


if the price is fixed it will be a whole lot more useful than the silver box


im more intrigued about the mythical colored paint update


because they do not put this for all, not only the new ones, if this is true, although I still do not believe it. @sarah, have these chests for all the players


I already know why they ruined it because it will only be for the new ones


is an A/B testing. and they do A/B testing only on new players.