New Update - Clan System Overhaul!


Hello Pilots!

This release focuses on improving the game’s clan system, by making a few improvements:

Clan Leadership Improvements

  • “Open” clan mode - You can now set your clan to automatically accept members (current clan behavior is “Invite Only” and existing clans will default to that)
  • Clan requirements - You can now set the minimum rank required to join your clan. If the clan is in “Invite Only” mode, it will be the rank required to apply to it.

Clan Changes:

  • Earn weekly rewards for clan wins! The rewards will be found in the “unclaimed boxes” section of the shop.
  • Clan chat now shows history
  • UI improvements

Competitive Improvements:

  • Introducing “Arena Points” - in order to add clarity to the arena leaderboards, we are now showing the arena points that players (and clans) have, which they are ranked by. You can find the new “Arena Points” in the player leaderboard, clan leaderboard, and clan member list.

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Almost 2 hours of maintenance?
Major clan ranking bug .fix it quick

Another good update.




yes !! again thanks a lot tactisoft


Why thanks kind sir!


very good update sarah loving it great job!


yep so far so good - and wins seem to be updated immediately in clan - so far so go


What about item portal?


This update is really nice!

By improve clan recommendations, does it mean that recommendations are fixed?


Clan recommendations give preference to clans that the player can join immediately (open clan, player passes rank requirement) and are more powerful (members, wins, etc).

We see the clan recommendation system as a way for beginner-to-intermediate players to quickly meet each other and form clans. The Expert clans may choose to stay in invite only mode and recruit players via forums and chats. The advanced players that they are looking for will know where to find them :slight_smile:

If you are a clan leader and are looking to recruit a sizeable amount of players, consider setting the clan type to “Open” for a while - the rank requirement will help you manage the bulk of the irrelevant applications.


Thanks for clearing things up!


Thanks so much for the cool update! It’s great!



Can we know when we are going to have another item portal?



20 charsssssss


Man let’s try making it friendly.


Wait so…
The arena points…
A win gives a point and a loss takes one away?


And some wins dont give you any points… if you win a too low match… that is suky.
That encourages hunting the tops with counterbuilds… what a BS.


I have a question about the arena points system: For most wins (2vs2) I get 2 points. Sometimes a bit more.

I just lost my first 2vs2 game this week (gg algerianno) and lost 31 points! That’s … a lot. Or isn’t it?

Many fights to get them back…


I just hope that any future updates aren’t just about like campaign or clan but also new weapons like a explosive version of terror cry