New “Zarkares” Torso stats



Wow, that’s looks cool. :open_mouth:


I wonder what are it’s stats on mythical.


your welcome :wink:


Like I said better than a brutality . Nice torso for sure. Thanks for posting max stats


Where is Dwigthx torso guys?


Depends on what style you use. I would rather choose the brutality if i would build an energy mech.


It’s not gonna happen, not till i am alive


Damn, probably the best torso if your build can carry it.

100 more HP than Brutality and with much better cooling stats. Heavy though.


Jesus that is one COOL Torso Design


Just as cringy as the forum’s counter part


Sheesh,you could make a hell of a physical build with this one.


Can you show the mods?


It’s still a work in progress.There’s nothing maxed on it
Gotta do something about the energy in the future also


That thing is a beauty, holy shit


He meant if you can show the modules you equipped on it.


Oops,I understood ‘‘mods’’ as in ‘‘modifiers’’(stats)
Here.Tho,once I upgrade the modules,I’ll replace the energy mass booster and a cooling mass booster with an energy engine (since max energy stats are pretty low).It’s gonna look like this:


Oh yeah,don’t mind that '‘Crew 2.0’'
I usually play on the facebook browser



I’m bad at photoshop