Nightmare Mechs thread - Showcase and Requests


i am bored and i did some nigthmare mechs




and my old

Note: these pictures are just 15 minute edit and filtered.


Kinda low quality(pixelated)


hello yesterday can not save the image that you had made of my mech


can you send me one more?


why low quality?
because they are filtered.


Mysteriously my drone appears




That is so cool,This needs to be a thing in SM


like a new perk?

2020 character


Yep,This needs to be a perk
Nightmare Perk
100T for each mech
Or maybe 2K Gold
I dunno
I type like this cause The 20 Characters thing


Its looks more like some effect


Lol nonsense stories.


i am using edit and filter


they are just edit and filter


@Zarkares Borns a new lier on the forum.


yes they are just edit.


No problem, i can edit my comment.


i am just editing and filtering


Lol jealous or you changing the shiny of an image and telling you drew it lmaooooo

It actually made me laugh


(NO LIE) only first picture hand drawn but filtered. this why looks like pixelated. others are just edit