Once upon a time

one begins and the other ends even if they are going to take it seriously or joke?

A red box arrived in the mail.

You opened it and find two rare Elecrocops inside.

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and even so they continue -_-

And then everybody heard the most funny joke in the world. It was sooo funny, that when people heard it, everyone died. More on this in the following news broadcast

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In the afterlife there was a wide and bountiful selection of beautiful virgin arabian babes, head to toe in traditional dress. El metere corrects his posture, sucks in his gut and lifts the veil of one particularly fragrant virgin honey to find…

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…she was a GOAT!

No offense intended, I’m jocking about GOAT tournament!


And then fluxeon swaggered up, shoulders swaying and jaw clenched.
"-she’s mine!" Fluxeon demanded, mistaking it for a particularly large rabbit and at once the two men were locked in mortal combat. Punches were thrown, heads were butted and genitals were swiftly kneed untill suddenly jesus himself intervened and said…

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Stop fighting over Zarkares! Though she resembles a goat she is quite the lady…, Fluxeon pissed himself and Metre…::

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Threw up all his absinthe. The kraken then entered a state of blind rage and focussed his tunnel vision on ark who was now playing doctor with a 2d anime schoolgirl jesus had promised to bring to life for him in exchange for leaving the real ones alone. El meter cracked his knucles and sized up to arctares but ark had a trick up his sleeve…

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He fired a meth crazed rabbit at el metres face which promptly ensued copious amounts of genital grinding on said face. Incredulously Wepwawet entered to save him and …,

Then came the bad witch of the south sarahwitch, with his faithful servant igorMohadib, they came to destroid everything in its path, snatching all their belongings, which they had achieved during many years of effort. destroying their warehouses and forcing them only to keep what they want by limiting the space.
to govern mechtown raising taxes and worsening the lives of all the beautiful inhabitants of mechland

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Flux and El_Litre in the blink of an eye forgot about goat-like beautiful virgin babes and started hectic last-minute preparations to repulse the evil witch and her minion’s onslaught. Flux, infamous for their affection towards tiny, fluffy, albeit extremely pervert and sexually addicted animals known as “bunnies”, deployed giant bunny ears:

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But then @Fluxeon started to realise that rabbits can be very dangerous …

… so he decide to change his mind about rabbits …

Seeing from afar the gianormous ears…
Came rushing to the party, the one and only Sir DooRoosAlot Candickian Sixandone, beneth his trusty steed and life partner, RooweyTheNihagDink Kangaroo, slurping candie out of the pouch.
As he was beein butriden by his thrusty steed, the sight of those sexy but dangerously flappy ears of Flushy, made him question his orientations, and attraction for pouches…
None the less he arrived just in time, to rescue the poor horny from beeing pawned at the emerging poker game.
Unfortunatly for our hero, Sir DooRoosAlot Candickian Sixandone, while he was bravely charging but first, towards Flushy’s ears… he forgot about the jelous nature of his trusty steed, Roowey, whom in a mindless rage of hurtfull unsatisfing sexual frustration, deployed the hidden move of releasing the Black MambaPython from his pouch, and setting it off on the poor lovers, Flushy and Sir DooRoosAlot Candickian Sixandone… after some futile blow defense moves the two lovers were overfilled for hours…


Flashy and RooDude Six and Done sat back as El Meatball jumped into his intergalactic space ship fueled by horse sh@t ,half truths , and self righteousness. They followed him around the universe as he shouted booze soaked opinions and distorted facts to unsuspecting inhabitants. They noticed if the sky was blue Meatball was shouting that is was red. If you had a nice space cruiser his was nicer. If you thought up a clever star gazing device his was MUCH more intelligently designed. Whether it was or not did not matter to the Romanian Prince Meatball as he always had his trusty homophobic slurs at his side ready to fire whenever trouble ,whether imagined or real , beset him. They laughed as he flew universe to universe seeking acceptance from other species. They knew he lacked the maturity to realize this was all a game and that all he had to do was not take himself so seriously. Maybe he could reach an understanding that agreeing with someone rather than refuting every galactic space post they make did not make these two “friends” but two adults that decided to find some sort of interplanetary peace that may actually serve the “game” better than an endless cycle of self aggrandizement.

Futile in his efforts to find peace Prince Meatball sulked in his space rig and drowned himself in booze with his trusty sidekick GOAT while we all laughed and went back to work…, THEN SUDDENLY…:


bestSTORYoftheworld ever :exclamation:

I LOVE how you found all these words describing what Pinky do exactly 100% to the point :grey_exclamation:

:heart: :sparkling_heart: :gift_heart:


It’s just a story … I am just playing along.

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No no no no no no no no no no no no :exclamation:

Ask your friend @Shabbadoo52, this …

… is best Satrie EVER written in this forum :exclamation:

A …


worth for @Joeyjojojunior :exclamation:


AND a :bouquet: made by me for @Joeyjojojunior :exclamation:


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I miss mord too. Thanks best. That was a while ago. Joey sure could whip off some funny stuff .