Purifier? WTH is this?

Hi Pilots! I just came by this weapon:

I just came across it on the battlefield a couple of times only and I wonder what the stats are after it is maxxed. Did anyone of you see it maxxed? On paper it looks like a decent energy-free wep. If it hits near 300 dmg, I am hooked!


Just had this used against me. It doesn’t look to be that powerful but not costing heat or energy to use makes it a brilliant back up weapon.

Its the physical version of the SORROW as shown above. So i expect the damage will be far better than 163-213 at max mythical.

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Actualy i’m betting it hit lower then sorrow or the same… because it is only 49 kg, vs 71 kg of sorow.
Further more… i dont see it sinergy with any other phis wepon… because of its range 2-4… you either have the kill zone at 1-2( anihilation), or pack energy modules with night fall… for killing potential at range 2-4.In both cases you are very vulnerable to push wepons, or people just moving out of your range. I find night eagle better.
Ps: @Mordulec i didnt get home yet… but will in the weekend and install wot… and get things done.

Dev should include weapon like yellower from past sm. It was good looking and better graphically. it was powerful physical weapon of level 15n18.

nightfall eats energy like a boa constrictor after a year of hunger, and hot as a race car.

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Compared to other phis wepons… packs the hardest punch, weights less… has range.
Works well with all other wepons… sucks if you get drained.

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